What has Cyanotype Printing, Watercolour Pipe Organs and Remote Talking Robotics got in common – Workshop II

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New Media Students – Interested in robotics and remote communication strategies – Jonas will share his work which includes the use of programming techniques such as SignalR, node.js and other programming methods to make components talk remotely – he will detail the flow between web clients and servers, using triggers and 3D printed parts.

The major work during the two day workshop will be putting all the components together, tune the pipes and see so everything is working.

Jonas is aiming to make at least 2-2.5 meters pipe – these will be made from art paper and fitted with the 3D printed parts – the ‘Pipes’ can be painted or Workshop participants can decide to leave them unpainted – however, this may be a challenge for our Workshop I – Artists to come back and help at this point!

Workshop I – Calling: Print Makers – Artists – discover the ancient art of Cyanotype Printing

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Swedish Artist Jonas Pettersson is bringing his experimental ‘Water Colour Pipe Organ’ and remotely communicating Robotics to Australia.
Creatives will have 2 opportunities to Work with Jonas on various aspects of his Artistic Practice:

Workshop I – 25th August 2018 will be dedicated to exploring the ancient art of ‘Cyanotype Printing’ and other painting techniques to give your watercolour/print and/or photography work a new edge! We will also be showcasing on the big screen – Jonas’ Studio in Hassela – Sweden ……….. some of his experimental film and digital music work – during the week of his Art Residency!

Jonas will introduce you to using ‘Water’ as your developer and ‘Sunlight’ as your light source!

Workshop II – Tues/Wed – 28/29th August 2018 – A Workshop for New Media Students with a grasp of programming.
In particular Jonas will show how to make the best use of programming techniques such as SignalR, node.js & other programming methods to make components talk remotely – & servers, using triggers etc… he will detail the flow between web clients & Working with his ‘Watercolour Pipe Organ’ Jonas will with the help of students assemble, tune it and prepare for show and remote control.

Artists who book for the Workshop I – will be welcome to come as observers for the 2nd Workshop II – to see how the Watercolour Pipe Organ comes together and be part of the team to paint with the capability!

Workshop I – Shapes and Colours of Australia – With Artist Wyn Vogel – 2nd Biennale Internationale de l’Aquarelle de Coquelles – 2018

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We will be working with the colours and shapes of Australia – introducing you to the shadows and shapes of our most well-known landmark – Uluru (Ayers Rock) and neighbouring mountain range – Kata Tjuta (Olgas) and the colours of our Coastal Beaches – which are home for Wyn and her family!

Australia is very centrally located in the Asian Corridor and Artist Wyn Vogel has grown up with this influence of ‘Oriental’ imagery!
We will work with special brushes – called ‘Needle Point Squirrel’ brushes No 10 – which have a long-tapered shape to the hairs of the brush and allow you to make a very calligraphic mark with your brush.

These brushes are produced in Australia and there is enough brushes for 12 participant/s at each Workshop to have one brush to use and keep as a memento of our Workshop – thanks to NEEF Australia for this ‘support’.

Wyn works with inks and watercolour – layering shadows with her ink and then washing the blues of the Australian sky and red and yellow ochres of the Australian Outback/Central Australia – across the detail!

What has Cyanotype Printing, Watercolour Pipe Organs and Remote Talking Robotics got in common

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Swedish Artist – Jonas Pettersson Living in a remote township in Sweden – Jonas has evolved his interest in bringing people together through various means of communication and his Workshop has been a space to integrate his passion for art … Read More

We Welcome – Vasenoir Akira Murata – Tokyo Japan – to our On-Line Gallery

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Akira Murata Fabulous Work – now available here in Australia & Internationally – from Fish Lane Studios On-Line Gallery! As a child, growing up in Koriyama City, Fukushima, he loved nature in all its beauty, and was happy to be … Read More

10 Days Art Residency – Flashed Past – See the Outcomes

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Akira Murata – Tokyo Japan Arrived Brisbane and then headed to the Sunshine Coast for this 2017 – Yaroomba Beach Artist-in-Residence! Crossed Mountains – Drove Golf Buggies – Showcased His Amazing Art Style! This was the last day – we … Read More

Mr Vasenoir Akira Murata – Japan – 2017 Artist-in-Residence – Yaroomba Design Centre – Qld Australia

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Come to the beautiful Sunshine Coast where the sun shines all winter and the skies are blue.

Discover the new techniques and mediums with Japanese Watercolour and Pastel Master – Mr Vasenoir Akira Murata – our 2017 Artist-in-Residence at our Sekisui House Design Centre – Yaroomba Queensland – Australia on the 26-27 August 2017.

If you have time book some extra days and stay with us longer on the Coast!