Australia to France – the shadows of Kata Tjuta inspire in the shadows of the Chateau de Gaillon – France

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What happens when you have a group of French Artists who want to loosen up and draw inspiration for abstraction!

Road North to Noosa

They came to a class in France run by an Aussie! ?

We had a ball – the 1st comment from one of the participants ………… this is the first step in a journey to Australia……….!!

As Curator of Fish Lane Studios I meet lots of Artists – and this group which came together as part of the Bi-annual Watercolour Festival – Acquarell’Eure Festival held in the beautiful town of Gaillon – France organised by the amazing Véronique and her team of Bénévoles ……were a particularly inspiring and special group – so keen to absorb the stunning colours and shapes of our amazing scenery from both Central Australia – Kata Tjuta and Uluru and our gorgeous azure blues and softer greys of our bush banksia that curl along our beautiful Sunshine Coast Beaches – especially or own Yaroomba Beach and north to Noosa!

The Techniques

Over the last few years my own artwork has evolved inspired by the oriental marks of calligraphy and also use of monochrome shadows as an underlying structure for my work – so now it was my turn to share these techniques.

I was heading north to France and Italy for 2 Exhibitions of my Work in Gaillon and also, Coquelles France during May.

In addition I was invited to Lead the Australian Watercolour Delegation to FabrianoInAcquarello – 2018 in Fabriano – Italy in the middle of these two commitments in France – so it was a busy period!

No time to be nervous – though on the morning of my first Workshop I did question what I was doing ……!? 

But with support from my gorgeous French compatriot – Muriel Buthier-Chartrain (our 2016 Yaroomba Beach Artist in Residence – here in Australia) and support from NEEF Australia – who provided me with these amazing Squirrel Brushes which enable the flow of my work – and a gift for all my participants! See below ……

Artist Ghislaine totally absorbed working with her Squirrel Brush and the broad wash brush which are the tools of this style of work we explored together!!

the concepts of taking the most simple line and creating a focal point with these linear marks – dragging the shadow from the ink to add monochrome depth – which can either remain as the feature or become the form-work for colour – light and shade!

All of my Participants were very generous – wishing we had made it a 2 day Workshop – not just the one!

This Work – Beach Pandanas formed one of the key pieces for my Exhibition during Acquarell’Eure – Gaillon – which was hung in the Chateau – one of the most beautiful historic structures I’ve visited!

And, I have to say I love their style – with a break for a French Lunch during the middle of the day – time to chat and learn more about each other ……!

Muriel Buthier-Chartrain and own team of Participants – time to chat!

Lunch of slow cooked pork and honey sauce – thanks to the wonderful Cafe

L’Abri Normand

47 rue Général de Gaulle 27600 Gaillon

thanks to NEEF Australia and my other sponsors and supporters that made this all possible!


NEXT: Still to Blog ………. Shared Exhibitions in Coquelles and Gaillon – France – and Artists at Work in Fabriano – Italy ……….!!

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