Workshop Materials Ready for France – 3/4 May 2019!

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The Workshop Notes are done and dusted – translated into French and ready to be packed with samples of the style of work we will be exploring over the 2 Days of Workshop!

We have had to book an larger room and now we have the amazing experience of holding our Workshop in the gorgeous town of Saint-Maixme-Hauterive – France – though heading back to Atelier ‘Le Frigo’ – home and studio of our gorgeous French Artist – Muriel Buthier-Chartrain and Husband and Chef Gilles!

This will be a special 2 days Workshop – exploring the colours of the morning and afternoon – sketching and drawing in the amazing Village of Saint-Maixme-Hauterive …… and sharing the wonderful cooking of Gilles each Lunch time – if you would like to join us – there are 2 spaces left and you will need to contact us and book before 22nd April 2019 or if you are based in Europe you are welcome to contact Muriel Buthier-Chartrain and book directly with her!

I will look forward to sharing the concepts and techniques that have evolved in my studio practice over the many years I have been experimenting with watercolour, other mediums and tools.

My Studio practice is heavily influenced by the wonderful calligraphic strokes of our Asian neighbours – and these are transferred to paper – canvas and washed in the case of Watercolour with vibrant washes!

On Day 2 – we will explore these techniques to enable us to create lovely loose washes – in the case of the botanical that hopefully, we will find in the fields at this time of the year – the red poppies …..!

During our 2 days – 3 to 4th May 2019 I will bring some samples of the work that is representative of these techniques so that all of my participants can see first hand the styles and how these can be varied from total abstraction – in Watercolour –

Applied – to some Urban Sketching – in this amazing town of Saint-Maixme-Hauterive!

Samples of my work from the last year have included urban sketching Workshops in Australia – on the Kangaroo Point Cliffs – looking back across our Brisbane River

and also samples of sketches from – our visit’s with Muriel last year to the magic Village of Saint – Céneri – le – Gérei, France


and Chateau de Gaillon – where I was so honoured to have Exhibition Work hang in their 2018 – 

Although this is not part of this years – Workshops in France
you might like to see how these techniques we will explore can be adapted!

With the advent of modern acrylic and oil mediums – I tend to take the concepts of Watercolour and shape and adjust these with the stronger mediums of oil/acrylic – though still washing my canvas with glazing ……………. layer on layer!to acrylic and oils – as seen in the Work 150 x 150cm on canvas below – ‘Atoll – My Island Home Series I’

‘Atoll – My Island Home Series I’

We’ve left this Post live – for reference when we all start traveling again – fingers crossed and hugs to you all – that we can replicate this again sometime soon!!

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