What has Cyanotype Printing, Watercolour Pipe Organs and Remote Talking Robotics got in common – Workshop II

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New Media Students – Interested in robotics and remote communication strategies – Jonas will share his work which includes the use of programming techniques such as SignalR, node.js and other programming methods to make components talk remotely – he will detail the flow between web clients and servers, using triggers and 3D printed parts.

The major work during the two day workshop will be putting all the components together, tune the pipes and see so everything is working.

Jonas is aiming to make at least 2-2.5 meters pipe – these will be made from art paper and fitted with the 3D printed parts – the ‘Pipes’ can be painted or Workshop participants can decide to leave them unpainted – however, this may be a challenge for our Workshop I – Artists to come back and help at this point!

Workshop 2 – 2018 Aquarell’Eure Festival – Gaillon – Shapes and Colours of Australia – Artist Wyn Vogel

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Détail de l’atelier:

Nous allons travailler avec les couleurs et les formes de l’Australie – vous présentant les ombres et lesformes de notre point de repère le plus connu – Uluru (Ayers Rock) et la chaîne de montagnes voisine – Kata Tjuta (Olgas)

L’Australie est très central dans le Corridor asiatique et l’artiste Wyn Vogel a grandi avec cette influence de l’imagerie «orientale»!

Nous allons travailler avec des brosses spéciales – appelées «Needle Point Squirrel» brosses No 10 – qui ontune forme allongée aux poils de la brosse et vous permettent de faire une marque très calligraphique avec votre pinceau.

Ces brosses sont produites en Australie et il y a suffisamment de brosses pour que 12 participants à chaque atelier aient un pinceau à utiliser et gardent comme souvenir de notre atelier – merci à NEEF Australie pour ce ‘soutien’.

Wyn travaille avec des encres et des aquarelles – en superposant des ombres avec son encre puis en lavant le bleu du ciel australien et des ocres rouges et jaunes de l’Outback australien / de l’Australie centrale – à travers les détails!

Workshop I – Shapes and Colours of Australia – With Artist Wyn Vogel – 2nd Biennale Internationale de l’Aquarelle de Coquelles – 2018

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We will be working with the colours and shapes of Australia – introducing you to the shadows and shapes of our most well-known landmark – Uluru (Ayers Rock) and neighbouring mountain range – Kata Tjuta (Olgas) and the colours of our Coastal Beaches – which are home for Wyn and her family!

Australia is very centrally located in the Asian Corridor and Artist Wyn Vogel has grown up with this influence of ‘Oriental’ imagery!
We will work with special brushes – called ‘Needle Point Squirrel’ brushes No 10 – which have a long-tapered shape to the hairs of the brush and allow you to make a very calligraphic mark with your brush.

These brushes are produced in Australia and there is enough brushes for 12 participant/s at each Workshop to have one brush to use and keep as a memento of our Workshop – thanks to NEEF Australia for this ‘support’.

Wyn works with inks and watercolour – layering shadows with her ink and then washing the blues of the Australian sky and red and yellow ochres of the Australian Outback/Central Australia – across the detail!

What has Cyanotype Printing, Watercolour Pipe Organs and Remote Talking Robotics got in common

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Swedish Artist – Jonas Pettersson Living in a remote township in Sweden – Jonas has evolved his interest in bringing people together through various means of communication and his Workshop has been a space to integrate his passion for art … Read More

The Sail Maker and The Patients – Our ‘Virtual World’ takes on new clothes

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What does it take to make a ‘Virtual World’ – It takes the real world to collaborate and work up a storm! Thanks to our ‘sail-maker’ James and Ben & the Team from Quantum Sails Australia! Thanks to all the … Read More

Capturing The Light – Saturday Watercolour Class – South Brisbane Qld

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Spend and afternoon in our Studio – South Brisbane – exploring the use of broad and squirrel brush washes – work from your own favourite images or be inspired by our views of beaches on the Sunshine Coast – as Wyn guides you to format your layout and apply the wash!

Absolutely no experience is necessary, step by step instructions with the artist to create your own painting to take with you at the end of the class! Time to relax and take some time for yourself.

Kym Barrett – ‘Rhythms & Blue’ 8th to 22nd May ’17

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My approach is organic, ideally allowing each piece to evolve with a balance of intuition and intention. Nature’s colours, markings and rhythms influence my work on canvas, paper and board both consciously and unconsciously. The act of gestural mark-making, building up and removing paint, charcoal and crayon over many layers, mimics the way the landscape has developed over time. Traces of previous marks remain as a record of the inevitable process of change.

In our busy world, I am convinced that we need to reconnect with the ‘great rhythms and flows of nature’. (John Wolsely)