A Stunning Venue and View – Parkridge Workshop Overlooking Lake Wyeba Nov ’18
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The light across Lake Wyeba – transited during the day from soft grey/sienna morning mist to glimpses of bright Noosa blue and white – then dropped down to the most enthralling soft ochre even on the surface of the Lake … Read More

Wyn Vogel – Australian Artist – Bio 2018
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As an Installation and Cross Media Artist – with many years experience having studios in recent years in Victoria and Queensland – Australia, Wyn loves to explore the essence of her world – the colours, shapes and light that evolve around … Read More

Alex Ashton – the colour of memory and the mark of intention
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Personal statement As a painter and print maker materials and medium interconnect to explore the immersive experience of ‘place’, the colour of memory and the mark of intention. Recent work has focused on gesture as a means of containing relational … Read More

Suzie Porter – contemporary, abstract Australian artist
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  Suzie Porter is a contemporary, abstract Australian artist working in oils – cold wax – acrylic and mixed media. Her works are an attempt to capture the emotional response to a place, relationship or moment in time, expressing her thoughts … Read More

Working Australian Artists in FabrianoInAcquarello – 2018 – Italy
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The Aera Artist Club in Fabriano – Italy was packed with a 1st night crowd wanting to see the best of the best – artists from over 70 countries were packed into the Club and here was Richard – our … Read More

Australia to France – the shadows of Kata Tjuta inspire in the shadows of the Chateau de Gaillon – France
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What happens when you have a group of French Artists who want to loosen up and draw inspiration for abstraction! Road North to Noosa They came to a class in France run by an Aussie! ? We had a ball … Read More

Colours and Shapes of Australia – ready for exchange at Dinner!!
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Apparently it is a tradition to share small artworks at the ‘FabrianoInAcquarello’ – Leaders Dinner. Artworks have to be approx… 15 x 20cm! So I set to Work – gearing the Studio table up to produce these tiny Works – … Read More

The Sail Maker and The Patients – Our ‘Virtual World’ takes on new clothes
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What does it take to make a ‘Virtual World’ – It takes the real world to collaborate and work up a storm! Thanks to our ‘sail-maker’ James and Ben & the Team from Quantum Sails Australia! Thanks to all the … Read More