We Explored, We Exhibited and We Demonstrated …….Xi’an China Sept’19

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Sporting our Sunny Coast ‘Horizon Festival’ shirt 2018 because I couldn’t be there this year …….I was out and about supporting our Aussie colours and shapes, while discovering some of the most stunning aspects of Chinese art and culture from their 2D Work to their unique and special Xi’an Opera!  This Opera house and the cast are renown across China for their unique approach to their art …………………….!


The Opera Precinct itself – superb!

The City of Xi’an China – welcomed us!

We Exhibited

Jayson and Martine Vanparijs – with Martine’s stunning Painting and below – Wyn Vogel – Curator of Fish Lane Studios – showcasing thumbs up for Muriel Buthier-Chartrain who couldn’t make it this year to Xi’an China!

We Demonstrated!

Above Donna Archeson-Juillet and below – big thanks to Martine Vanparijs – Belgium for these photos below ?

You will be able to see some of Martine’s, Muriel, Donna’s and Jayson’s Work here in Australia as part of our Australian Watercolour Muster – 2019 which will be on 7 to 10th November 2019!

Creating the colours and shapes of our Standley Chasm – Central Australia

Too many images to showcase here –
head across to our Facebook for more … as it happened!

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