Something Different Gold Coast 21st February 2024 – Celebrate Chinese New Year – A Chinese Lantern Still Life – a conversation re Pro/Brush Markers and techniques for painting Chinese Dragons

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There is often no reason for moving to multi-media other than the whim of the Artist – but with these Marker Pens – there are strong options for achieving texture and interesting options to lift your Artwork from the mundane to the vibrant!

With this Workshop – Artist Wyn Vogel will discuss options for a combination of Watercolour and Marker Pens – what better time to be tempted with the bright colours of the Chinese New Year and their gorgeous ‘Lanterns’ these are the inspiration – there are funky and traditional to choose from!

The structure of the paper and thread that are the basis for the construct of these Lanterns lend themselves to the being shaped with the styles on the end of the marker pen.

Don’t forget to bring your lunch and a mug – tea and coffee will be provided.

Modern Botanical – Gold Coast – 24th January 2024 – Inspiration From The Flower Markets – Working with Watercolour Inks

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Artist Wyn Vogel will bring together her favourite colours and shape for you to choose from and we will explore the textures and tones that can be evoked by the use of Watercolour Inks – especially underpainting the shadows like you can see in this image prior to loading any watercolour paint!

If you would like to under paint – it is important to use acrylic water poof ink that will dry and stay stable when watercolour is applied – for this reason I would recommend any of the acrylic inks you will see in store – if you want to remain pure to the watercolour mantra – you can use the watercolour inks but they will mix and blend like watercolours as you layer them – so be prepared for this to happen – remember you will have 10% discount from Eckersley’s on any materials you choose to buy for this Workshop!

Beginners – Experimental Artists – New Workshops Dropping as we speak!

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– Book A Workshop For You – Book a Team Workshop – In Your Own Work Place – Team Building at its best! Artist and Curator of Fish Lane Studios – Wyn Vogel will share some of her best tips … Read More

Shadows and Stories In The Folds – Workshop Wyn Vogel – Eckersley’s Gold Coast – Wednesday – 9th August 2023

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This Workshop is designed to help you create stories with techniques you can use on any subject or genre of painting!

The Painting above – Climate Change is Stealing My Waratahs – was created by Artist Wyn Vogel – Australian Leader to FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020 to tell the ‘Story’ and highlight the problems that Climate change is creating ….. a small protest on a global forum!

For this Workshop we will set up a still life however, with objects that are easy to source and work through the concepts of painting folds in fabric, see the image below or you are welcome to bring your own materials and set up your own small ‘Still Life’ to paint! BYO own Lunch and Mug – tea and coffee available!

In The Dunes – Seascapes with Artist Wyn Vogel – Eckersley’s Gold Coast 14th June 2023

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Artist Wyn Vogel will introduce you to the colours of the Dunes and the sparkle of the water in the background!

Wyn has lived and immersed herself in the Coast of Australia with Studios on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Port Fairy Victoria over time.

Working with some of the foliage from the Beach – we will explore the textures and palette that make the Coast sparkle!

PLEASE read the Details on this booking page TO SEE WHAT MATERIALS TO BRING WITH YOU ON THE DAY – thanks Wyn

Modern Botanical – Poppies – Eckersley’s Gold Coast – Wednesday 24th May 2023 – 10am to 2pm

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Modern Botanical Workshops are designed to bring the colour and flow of the plant and watercolour together – we do take consideration of the botanical notes of each flower – but the goal is to replicate these with strength and motion of colour and design on your paper!

Wyn will bring images of flowers and/or during the season we source the real thing as available – given we are painting ‘Poppies’ this seasonal distraction might mean you are working from images taken at Harris Farm West End when Poppies were in plentiful supply 🌞

Don’t forget to bring a picnic lunch and your own mug as we do organise tea and coffee to sustain you through the day!