Metamorphosis – from the beauty of the bud to the flower @ Eckersleys Gold Coast – Labrador – 10am to 2.30pm Wednesday 10th November 2021

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We will explore the genesis of the Flower – from birth to fading glory! The celebration of the flowers as they transit from the greens of the bud – to the soft colours of a full blown flower and the gentle browns and shapes which result as the plant fades! These stages all have their unique beauty – you can choose to paint a representational Work – or a more abstracted adaptation of the process! 10am to 2.30pm @ Eckersley’s Gold Coast – Labrador Wednesday 10th November 2021.

Where Rivers Run @ Eckersley’s Gold Coast Labrador – Watercolour, Ink and Gouache – Wednesday 27th October 2021

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For this Workshop we will explore with Watercolour – the softness of the distant trees the edges of the bark and run of the river! BYO your own Lunch and Mug – Tea and Coffee supplied! 10am to 2.30pm Wednesday – 27th October 2021

Moving to the Sky – Clouds and Smoke – @ Eckersley’s on the Gold Coast Labrador – Wednesday 13th October 2021

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The Cairns Esplanade – Early Morning Walking! Early morning with camera ready to capture this gorgeous wild foreshore – taking us out to sea off the Cairns Esplanade – I wandered and absorbed the light – the structure of the … Read More

Paint with me @ Eckersley’s Gold Coast Labrador – Modern Botanical Workshop – Artist Wyn Vogel

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Join us for a moment to escape and discover your inner ‘Botanical’ style.

Explore and understand loose, Watercolour Techniques – take on board tips for a modern approach to paint your own garden and plants. Aussie Artist Wyn Vogel – is the Curator of the Australian Watercolour Muster which is now entering it’s 3rd year of events, despite the crazy year we have experienced. Wyn is also the Australian Country Leader to FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy a Watercolour Network that has met regularly for over 10 years and is designed to share and grow our international networks, to learn and understand the variety of techniques that are applied to Watercolour across the World. Although Wyn focuses on her Watercolour style, the techniques she teaches can be transferred to other mediums and genre of Art – so come and discover, beginners welcome! PLEASE READ BELOW FOR RECOMMENDED MATERIALS TO BRING 🌞

Eckersley’s Gold Coast – 20 July 2021 – Watercolour Workshop – Tidal Landscapes

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Tidal – Watercolour Workshop exploring the colours of the mangroves, the reflections and colours of the waves – shapes of the sea – working with Artist Wyn Vogel to explore some of our favourite Queensland haunts.

Eckersley’s Gold Coast – 6th July ’21 – 10am to 2pm – Watercolour inspired from your Kitchen – Beats Cooking

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Join Artist Wyn Vogel @Eckersley’s Art and Craft – Labrador on the Gold Coast to discover Watercolour in a different light – Have you ever wondered what drove John Olsen, one of our most famous ‘Aussie Artists’ to paint his ‘Dinner’ the night he had – Seafood Paella …. taking inspiration from this amazing Artist we will set up and paint ‘Still Life’ and discuss what might be possible for dinner as we paint!!

Eckersley’s Art and Craft Gold Coast – Mist in the Valley – Watercolour Workshop 22nd June 2021 – with Artist – Wyn Vogel

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Discover the beauty of soft mist in the valley and the techniques of ghosting in your Watercolour work!
Working wet on wet and into dry – techniques that will allow you to manage your watercolour work and present a very contemporary – abstracted feel to your final Artwork!

Artist Wyn Vogel creates a soft flow mixing her colours on the paper rather than in the palette – working with a lovely flow of water to ensure the softness of the light glows through from the paper into the paint.

This Workshop will be a little longer than the previous Eckersley’s Workshops – to allow us to really tease out the techniques and give you a good grounding to take home and experiment with other subjects – 9.30 to set up for a 10am start and 2pm finish. BYO a picnic lunch!

3hrs – Our 2nd Introduction to Modern Botanical at Eckersley’s on the Gold Coast – Paint the Flowers From Your Garden

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This 3hr _ Experimental Workshop is good for beginners and experienced Artists alike – in that we are taking you to new ground with inks and watercolour combined. Please check the Materials List to bring with you – the exciting chemical reaction of the Water and Ink is what we will be chasing to give you unique Work!

3hrs Introductory Watercolour – at Eckersley’s on the Gold Coast – Textures in the Landscapes 24th April 2021 – Paint with Artist – Wyn Vogel

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This is a mini – 3hr Workshop – to introduce you and give some insight into the techniques of creating textures such as Rocks and Lichen in your landscapes – if you worked with Wyn on her previous Workshop creating mist and water reflections these techniques will build your ability to paint landscapes from the hinterland of the Australian Coast – the intricacies of our Australian bush – the mist of the waterfalls and the rocks and moss that surrounds these majestic spaces!