Celebrating our Paper Art Community – Thanks to Art/Edit for the Invitation to join with them in their pages!

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I spend so much time working with our Exhibition and Events Art Communities, and Digital Online Groups – it is rare to think about being involved with one of our paper based communities and when Art/Edit Magazine approached me to be part of their current Issue #39 I thought, why not – and it is so rewarding with lots of interesting articles, ‘Profiles’ and ‘Conversations’ and a great quality print and colour – so congratulations to Siobhán SprattPublisher and Justine Scott, Art Director with some of the vagrancies of publishing stalking them they have produced a fantastic Mag!

As an Artist I love to delve into different mediums, and Fish Lane Studios – runs on oils, acrylic and watercolour – and especially watercolour as I currently am the invited Leader for FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy and have the pleasure of sharing Artwork from Australian Artists each year in Exhibition in Fabriano and Bologna – Italy and for 2024 this will be extended to Exhibition in Fort Worth Texas in October 2024!

As well as enjoying working with these networks – it is wonderful to be accepted here in Australia and the Work I have shared with Art/Edit Mag is currently waiting in Melbourne for Exhibition with the Watercolour Society of Victoria as an Invitation Exhibition Artist with them for their 50th Anniversary Exhibition – so a massive honour on two fronts to share a piece of my Watercolour for Australian audiences to see – here in Art/Edit and on show in the Watercolour Society of Victoria ‘Luminous’ 50th Anniversary Exhibition!

The Artwork I am sharing in Art/Edit is a piece of Watercolour – ‘Just Roses’ – on Arches 300gsm Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper – with transparent Watercolour and my beloved ink and nib details to draw out the highlights – a habit I can’t kick 🌞!

Just Roses

The Art Edit Mag!

Congrats again to Siobhán SprattPublisher and Justine Scott, Art Director and Catherine who has worked with me on the upload to their Online shop >>> https://artedit.com.au/shop-homepage/

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