We Picnic and Paint ‘in style’

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Our Picnic and Paint Workshops tend to take shape with 2 experimental pieces of Work – 1 Morning and 1 After Lunch.

We are not a sip and paint session – these Workshops are for Artists and/or beginners for that matter who are serious about trying new things – experimenting together with Curator and Tutor Fish Lane Studios – Wyn Vogel, to discover the emotion and texture of your painting – no two Students come away with the same image – each one is an expression of their own individual style! 🌞

Working from images on the big screen – we discussed the essence of the imagery posted for the Workshop.

We discuss locations and styles to get the Students thinking of past exposure to these elements so they are more familiar to them as we start to paint.

This February – we focused the colour, shapes involved in ‘Capturing Waterfalls and Reflections in Water’, the flow and spray of the water as it lifts off the rocks.

Working with at least 3 primary colours – Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Red

  • in the morning we concentrated on creating a softness and fall across the rocks – water splashing and mist rising –
  • in the afternoon – we checked out the reflections and colours that the eye might pick up off boat moored in the estuary!

Below – Fiona’s gorgeous textured rocks and soft flow of Waterfall


Sue’s capture of the reflections in the water from her boat


…………………….so much fun to see each individual style spill onto the paper – the lift of colour and thought processes of each individual student as they interpreted – Wyn’s guidance to suit their own vision of the subject ……… very exciting!

Watch out for our next Picnic & Paint – we hold them at the end of each month, last weekend of the month ………..

March Picnic & Paint Workshop – will be loaded shortly for you on our


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