Kayaks | Life Jackets | Cape York and The Australian Watercolour Muster – What Do We Have In Common?

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It sort of grew out of nowhere – as with all Art ……..creative ideas come and go – but this one has come to fruition and we are so excited to think that perhaps we have made some difference to some young women’s lives through our Art!

Having met Emma Jackson from Wolverton Station on Cape York in past times, and hearing her talk about the planning she had put into working and supporting the young women of Cape York to find their feet and discover new opportunities for their well being and futures, through her program ‘SWIFT FNQ’ >>> https://swiftfnq.com/ and her broader program supporting mental health, that is now far wider than the Cape ‘Conquer the Corrugations’ >>> http://www.conquerthecorrugations.com.au/  we talked about how us, as Artists might make a difference!

They Say | Art is Therapy | Nicolas Lopez is Therapy

The opportunity came with our 5th Australian Watercolour Muster, our Biennale – 2023 which for the 2nd time we have held in Cairns – Far North Queensland @The Court House Gallery Cairns CBD thanks to the support of the Cairns Regional Council and which, this year we knew we could open up to our international Artists amongst them one of our most creative and genius Artist – Nicolas Lopez!

Nicolas abandons all tradition and with his wide brushes – black paint and lots of water creates and takes the spirit away to another place – true therapy!

All we can say is thanks to Nicolas for donating his time for our Opening Night and his amazing painting which we put to Auction to help raise the wonderful sum of $AUD2,205.00 – thanks to all our Bidders, especially – Leo Fincher and Dr Sharon Wilkinson – a stunning emerging Artist in her own right who battled it out to purchase Nicolas’s Artwork!

What Was the Outcome – Artwork for Creative Futures Hopefully!

New Kayaks and Jackets for Emma to give the young women she is working with on her property the opportunity to explore their freedoms and interact with Emma and learn how best to grow and take the world on, not a small job when you are young and live in such remote circumstances – here’s to Emma and her Work – we look forward to perhaps putting more of our ‘Work towards Working’ for her and her young women and men on the Cape!

Sharon and Nicolas on our Opening Night
@The Court House Gallery Cairns – Nth Queensland Australia

Nicolas’s Painting at home with Sharon!

And, Our Young Women of Cape York finding their freedom
thanks to Emma Jackson and Wolverton Station

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  1. Lyn Andrews
    | Reply

    Awesome..thanks to all who contributed..money wise and organising everything!

    • admin
      | Reply

      Thanks Lyn – it was amazing – we had the Silent Auction running while Nicolas was painting and then we opened it up – it was a buzz – we are very happy to have been able to share some of the outcomes of our Art this way 🌞

  2. Claudia Garcia
    | Reply

    5th Australian Watercolour Muster 2023 was awesome in many ways! People getting together to cherish the beauty of the land and that of creating and sharing ART.
    And, more so also making an impact on giving Women opportunities for a better life!
    Thanks Wyn and all the ones involved in making a difference!

    • admin
      | Reply

      Claudia – thanks so much for your input and being there with us – we did have a ball and I have the new dates and plans together for 2024 and 2025 – so will release these shortly! It is the icing on the cake as I just said to Lyn …..to feel that we can add value, add caring as part of our creativity – pretty cool!!

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