Opening Night – a buzz for Cold Wax and Oil Artist Suzie Porter’s Solo Exhibition December 2020

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A thoroughly excited Artists Profile – Suzie Porter

This photo says it all – for all of us Artists – how nervous are we of baring our souls to the world and showcasing our Work – especially for a 1st Solo Exhibition – but Suzie you did it!

Friend and day time work Colleague – Amy Ward Founder and Director of OTM Company, was first on the spot to celebrate and marvel at how you manage to juggle a full time day job and still produce such beautiful, intriguing fine artwork!

Grace Cross, a fellow Artist gave us insight into the intricacies of the Cold Wax and Oil techniques, and red spots quickly appeared on the wall as people appreciated not only the visual balance and beauty, but also the complexity of this medium!

Young and old joined with us to say congratulations and please don’t let this be your 1st and only Solo Exhibition – we want to see more!

If you have missed the Exhibition you can still buy On-Line –

Meanwhile –
Some more social pict’s to browse from Suzie’s Opening Night!

We love to combine genres for our Opening Exhibitions and we were proud to have Shaz Brown – Steelpan Woman emerge with us for this Exhibition – Shaz has given us lots of rhythm in the past, so it felt like we have returned to some level of normality now with her back on the deck with us!


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