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Jesus Pastels – soft and hard & water soluble

These pastels are hand made in Akira’s Atelier in Tokyo and take time and love in production – they are not massed produced – so please allow time for your order to be processed – shipping is calculated direct from Tokyo to you ?!

Each Paulown Box Set now contains – 36 Pastels as seen in the ‘Product Image’ – Series 6 has just been added – these represent the macquillage – (the make-up) of the colours from the South of France!

This is made up of 6 Series of colour ways:

Vol 1 – Couleur Champagne – soft Pastel – for mixing with water colour to add depth.

Vol 2 – Couleur Bordeaux – soft Pastel – for mixing with water colour to add depth.

Vol 3 – Couleur Impressionniste – stronger for sketching and highlights

Vol 4 – Couleur La Seine – soft colours for to add intrigue and depth to your Work

Vol 5 – Couleur Être à Aube – very soft range of colour for highlights and sparkle

Vol 6 – Couleur Riviera – (maquillage) the make-up of colours from the South of France

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Please NOTE *** This Product is shipped directly from Akira’s Studio in Japan and so you will see an international freight rate listed on your <Shopping Cart> – Please Contact us if you have any inquiries – thanks Wyn

Akira was our Yaroomba Beach Artist-in-Residence 2017 – this was and amazing event, Akira is a generous teacher and took us through the concepts of working with both Watercolour and Pastels in the same sitting – a magic week >>>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se5o0bziVrI&feature=youtu.be 



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‘Morning on the Seine’ – new colours 2019

These Bespoke Pastels Are Designed For The Experimental Pastel Artist!

Akira Murata has researched, designed and produced these intriguing pastels from his own Atelier in Tokyo Japan – with wonderful names such as –

  • the name of Color Leaves of June……..(Feuilles de juin)
  • Green in spring…….(Vert au printemps)
  • special white………..(Jesus blanc) –

they are intended for you – the serious Pastel Artist…… designed to blend and mix with watercolour as well as working dry!

Akira holds workshops in Tokyo – JapanI am sure you would be welcome to enquire re these Workshop – and we would hope to be able to tempt him back to Australia sometime in the not too distant future – watch this Space!!

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