We’re Off To China – for the 6th Silk Road International Arts Festival – 2019

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Very excited this morning to announce that our Curator – Australian Artist Wyn Vogel has been selected to Exhibit in the 6th Silk Road International Arts Festival – 2019 to be held in Xi’an China during September 2019!

‘The Spice Blower’

The Theme for the 6th International Silk Road Arts Festival being | THE SPIRIT OF THE SILK ROAD

As a young girl growing up in Australia the stories of the ‘Silk Road’ were  many and varied and perhaps this was the beginning of a love affair with the images that have influenced her Work since those early years, with a passion for calligraphic line and wash dominating her Work!

Wyn has also been invited to demonstrate her techniques and style of Watercolour Work – during the 6th Silk Road International Arts Festival – 2019 so this will be a stunning opportunity for Wyn to showcase her techniques!

The Sixth Silk Road International Arts Festival
Today Silk Road International Arts Exhibition

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture And Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, and organized by Department of Culture And Tourism of Shaanxi Province an annual art festival. The 6th Silk Road International Art Festival today will be held from the 7th September 2019 in Xi’an.

The Silk Road International Art Exhibition has been successfully held for 5 sessions. In the first five sessions, more than 120 countries and regions, more than a thousand artists from seven continents, witnessed the grand meeting of the Silk Road International Art Invitational Exhibition.

Much thanks to the Secretariat and Committee of the 6th International Silk Road Festival and big thanks to Jayson Yeoh – Curator for his support and presentation of my Work for this Exhibition.

Congratulations to all the other artists and particularly – colleague and friend Muriel Buthier-Chartrain – France,  who is responsible for my meeting Jayson, and Martine Vanparijs – Belgium and Donna Acheson Juillet – France!!


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