My Island Home

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‘The Spirit of The Palms’

This Work is tagged for Auction later in 2017, if not sold earlier.

The ‘funds’ 100% from the sale of this Artwork has been donated by the Artist to go to assist the relocation of the Carteret Island people of the Sth Pacific, who are having to move off their Atolls due to the rising sea levels, the inundation of their vegetable crops with salt water – and their homes literally being swept out to sea – with the palms and crops > check this story out:

Fish Lane Studios will ship nationally and internationally – please contact us re freight for this Work – as it is a large format canvas ready to hang – 1.5 x 1.5 metres >

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‘My Island Home’

After exploring and travelling for many days across the islands of the South Pacific – Artist Wyn Vogel felt the bond that the people of The Pacific have with their Island homes! The Spirit of these People is strong and this work represents the fact that even though they are having to pack and move to higher ground and in some cases totally new Islands – their thoughts will always turn – to their “Island Home”

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Dimensions 1500 x 4 x 1500 cm


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