Yasaman Dehghan Watercolourist and Urban Designer

Again another of our Australian Watercolour Artists that have been selected for a 2nd year to represent Australian during FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2019! Yasaman is traveling with us this year to Fabriano to explore this amazing Watercolour Event – in the little town of Fabriano Italy which will play host to Artists from over 86 Countries – sharing techniques – showcasing their Work and exploring the history of this amazing region where Watercolour Paper has been made by generations of craftsmen! Very exciting!

A Silent Prayer

Yasaman is a water-colourist with a background in architecture. She has been painting from a young age and began with oil on canvas. Nevertheless, after experimenting oil painting, she realized that she needed something more subtle, energetic and fluid. Hence, she chose watercolour (or maybe watercolour chose her!) which she found to be the best medium suiting her personality.

Yasaman thinks that watercolour is exciting and unpredictable just like life. “I cannot predict what exactly would happen in my painting.

I always embrace the simultaneous of spontaneity and control in watercolour which, I believe, addresses the ambiguity and the beauty of life. Thereby, according to what is happening at the time of painting, in terms of my emotions and my perception of the subject, I choose how to continue.”

Yasaman believes that art is a joyful journey of creativity where artist aesthetically shares their world with the viewers. For her, art is the finest and most valuable human’s footprint. “Through my experience, I have realized that the longer I paint, the more I should explore and work and work. I enjoy painting and I like my paintings to relate to people, to their experience, memories, or meanings, to touch viewers’ emotions, and to be loved.”

Yasaman has held watercolour classes and exhibitions in Brisbane as well as overseas. Her paintings have received attentions of the art critics as well as of the general public. She has won a number of prizes.

Yasaman is very excited that her work has been selected to represent Australia at FabrianoInAcquarello, Italy 2019.

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