Muriel Buthier-Chartrain – France – Exhibition Fish Lane Studios – Brisbane Australia 2017

Muriel has headed home to France – and is now inspired by the wonderful colours of our Sunshine Coast – Yaroomba Beach and Stradbroke Island (Frenchman’s Beach) so aptly took her imagination away!!

We are so proud to have had her visit us as our 2nd Yaroomba Beach Artist-in-Residence 2016 and to be able to have a continued close relationship with her – with visits in 2018 by Australian Artist Wyn Vogel to France to Exhibit with Muriel in the Seconde Biennale Internationale de l’Aquarelle de Coquelles – France

Muriel’s new work takes her very individual watercolour techniques to a whole other level – incorporating the colours of Australia with her amazing use of sediments and management of her watercolour on the paper – totally individual and unique!

We are very lucky to have a selection Muriel’s other work on sale in our

Fish Lane Studios Gallery Shop

You are welcome to browse and buy – with shipping of the items coming to you from Australia as we are holding them here for easy delivery – Great Christmas gifts!!

  • Muriel Buthier-Chartrain our 2nd 2016 Yaroomba Beach Artist-in-Residence

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