I travel with my Sketch Book – Aussie Artist – Pam Walpole – on her way to Italy 2019

Pam Walpole creative across media!

We’re celebrating our travels to FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2019 in April 2019, and showcasing the Artists that have been selected to represent Australian at this amazing Forum – with other Artists from over 86 Countries!

We take our hats off to Pam – for her multi talented Studio practice that incorporates artwork across all 2D mediums, 3D sculpture some of the most amazing ‘Installation’ work that has awed audiences in many public and private spaces – including her work under the umbrella of Art Forartsakeescapades with environmental installation art – running into trouble with some of the local authorities as they remove and rearrange some of the flotsam and jetsam from their beach and bush areas – creating some of the most stunning natural landscape and sculpture you will ever see!

Her stunning watercolour work similar to the Work above that she submitted for FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2019 shows her wonderful abstraction and style!

‘Broken Gully V’ 122 x 92cm

Pam is a keen observer of landscape who enjoys traveling the vast spaces throughout Australia and overseas – parched and sometimes flooded desert regions, rugged gorges to coastal tides.

“I travel with a sketchbook, which often leads to a solo exhibition. I have always been attracted by the contrasts and drama of the land – flood – fire – drought –and man’s intervention.

Pam has held 15 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions.

She has participated in artist exchange programs in South Korea and Japan and her work can be seen in Public, Corporate and Private collections throughout Australia and overseas.

She has won numerous awards in both painting and sculpture spanning her Fine Art career.

Contact Pam and enjoy more of her Work – on her Website!

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