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Workshop I – Shapes and Colours of Australia – With Artist Wyn Vogel – 2nd Biennale Internationale de l’Aquarelle de Coquelles – 2018

April 28 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm AEST

Work on the Studio Table I – Road North To Noosa

Workshop with me in France – 28th May 2018

My Friend and Artist – Muriel Buthier-Chartrain

will be translating for us during these Workshops – I am in debt!!

Please Contact Jean-Pierre for Booking details in Euro/locally in Coquelles

So …… getting down to the nitty gritty for my Workshops in France – these will be based on the Colours and Shapes of Australia – 2 different palettes – the warm reds below and a cooler palette to come ……….to Book you will need to head across to each of these amazing Festival sites:

** Biennale d Aquarelle de Coquelles > https://sites.google.com/…/biennale…/home/stages-d-aquarelle 28th April 2018, and

** 2018 Aquarell’Eure Festival – Gaillon > http://adagge.fr/aquarelleure-2018-programme-des-stages-2/  10th May 2018

Detail of Workshop/s:

We will be working with the colours and shapes of Australia – introducing you to the shadows and shapes of our most well-known landmark – Uluru (Ayers Rock) and neighbouring mountain range – Kata Tjuta (Olgas) and the colours of our Coastal Beaches – which are home for Wyn and her family!

Australia is very centrally located in the Asian Corridor and Artist Wyn Vogel has grown up with this influence of ‘Oriental’ imagery!
We will work with special brushes – called ‘Needle Point Squirrel’ brushes No 10 – which have a long-tapered shape to the hairs of the brush and allow you to make a very calligraphic mark with your brush.

These brushes are produced in Australia and there is enough brushes for 12 participant/s at each Workshop to have one brush to use and keep as a memento of our Workshop – thanks to NEEF Australia for this ‘support’.

Wyn works with inks and watercolour – layering shadows with her ink and then washing the blues of the Australian sky and red and yellow ochres of the Australian Outback/Central Australia – across the detail!

Détail de l’atelier:

Nous allons travailler avec les couleurs et les formes de l’Australie – vous présentant les ombres et lesformes de notre point de repère le plus connu – Uluru (Ayers Rock) et la chaîne de montagnes voisine – Kata Tjuta (Olgas)

L’Australie est très central dans le Corridor asiatique et l’artiste Wyn Vogel a grandi avec cette influence de l’imagerie «orientale»!

Nous allons travailler avec des brosses spéciales – appelées «Needle Point Squirrel» brosses No 10 – qui ontune forme allongée aux poils de la brosse et vous permettent de faire une marque très calligraphique avec votre pinceau.

Ces brosses sont produites en Australie et il y a suffisamment de brosses pour que 12 participants à chaque atelier aient un pinceau à utiliser et gardent comme souvenir de notre atelier – merci à NEEF Australie pour ce ‘soutien’.

Wyn travaille avec des encres et des aquarelles – en superposant des ombres avec son encre puis en lavant le bleu du ciel australien et des ocres rouges et jaunes de l’Outback australien / de l’Australie centrale – à travers les détails!

Necessary Equipment:

  • 1 bottle Indian or Pigment Black ink.
  • 1 ink nib pen to dip into the Indian/Pigment Ink to add detail after the work is finished and dry (optional) but I add final detail with this tool.
  • 2 full sheets or 4 x ½ sheets of 300gsm watercolour paper – I use cold pressed fine grain.
  • Your own normal watercolour brushes for large washes.
  • Large water container x 2 for mixing and washing (unless there is a sink available for washing brushes?)
  • A hair dryer to speed up the layering of your colours.

Sample Palette to Bring:

Watercolours – as per each artist wish – some colours that we would specifically use are –

  • o Quinacridone Gold
    o Vermillion Permanent
    o Raw Sienna Hue light
    o Cadmium Yellow Deep
    o Australian Green Gold (this is a specialist Australian manufactured colour I will bring
    some with me for you to try) – closest thing is probably a Winsor & Newton Olive Green
    mixed with some Cadmium Yellow – or if you use Daniel Smith – then I would recommend –
    Green Gold – Series 2
    o Phthalo Blue
    o Phthalo Turquoise
    o Cerulean Blue
    o Indigo Blue
    o French Ultramarine
    o Prussian Blue
    o Cobalt Blue, and
    o Cobalt Turquoise

It is not necessary to have all of these watercolours – but this will give you a feel for our Australian colour palette!

My Friend and Artist – Muriel Buthier-Chartrain

will be translating for us during these Workshops – I am in debt!!

Please Contact Jean-Pierre for Booking details in Euro/locally in Coquelles

Detail – Road North to Noosa I

Thanks to all our Sponsors who have made this possible!


Exhibition 2nd Biennale Internationale de l’Aquarelle de Coquelles – 2018
pin Salle Poidevin
Coquelles Pont-du-Leu, France
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