Welcome – to Our Yaroomba Design Centre – Queensland Australia

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We already have heavy bookings for our Weekend Workshop with

Muriel Buthier-Chartain

so let me introduce you to our Design Centre that will be our home for the Weekend!

Yaroomba Design Centre_1

With a huge thanks to Sekisui House Australia for their support in letting us take over this beautiful space to paint and be inspired!

Yaroomba Design Centre

Yaroomba Design Centre

A Growing Exhibition as the Art Residency Progresses!

We will be converting this amazing hanging system into our Gallery for the 8 days and with the help of Muriel we plan to fill these boards with Work – both from Muriel’s brush and the Workshop Participants.

Work may be for sale at the end of the Workshop Weekend, if the Participants agree to part with it – this may be hard as we may all decide to keep the work as a memento for ourselves, we will see – so if you would like to drop in over the days of the Art Residency – probably from the 4 to 9th September 2016 – you will be able to see the Exhibition grow!

Exhibition Boards

Exhibition Boards

At the moment these Boards are showcasing the gorgeous houses that Sekisui House have available here on the Sunshine Coast – so I am sure you are welcome to drop in any time and see these and talk with their sales people – you will be joining a vibrant community here on The Coast!

The Natural Inspiration That Surrounds Us!


the shapes of ferns and rocks as the water runs across the entrance to the Design Centre!


A place of peace and beauty to cool and inspire from the back deck!

A Place of Peace and Beauty

The twisted shapes of our Australian foliage!

Light and Shape

Light and Shape

The colours of our native Bush Banksia’s



Another variety!



Paper bark from our Paper Bark Gum Trees!


Reeds and more water!


Not to mention, a walk away is the most beautiful – Yaroomba Beach – with the dunes and more intriguing inspiration for our brushes!

Evening Walk Yaroomba Beach

Welcome to Yaroomba!!

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  1. Ben the painter
    | Reply

    Such a luxurious place! Plus the surrounding is very enticing. Perfect place to view the awesome artworks and get some inspiration as well. Is this place still available for visit? Thanks.

    • admin
      | Reply

      Hi Ben – thanks for your fine words – I delayed replying so I could give you a proper update – we will be taking over the Yaroomba Design Centre again for our 2017 – Sunshine Coast Artist-in-Residence Program!!

      We will be bringing Mr Vasenoir Akira Murata to the Coast and he will be working with us over 10 days – taking inspiration from the Coast – Yaroomba Beach/plants and animals for his artwork!! He will be holding a special 2 days of Workshop which you are welcome to book and attend if you would like – it will be layering his specialist Pastels over Watercolour – check out the Website > http://www.fishlanestudios.com/events/category/workshops-exhibitions/ you will be able to see Mr Murata in action from 1pm to 4pm daily from the 25th August to 1st September 2017 – at the Sekisui Design Centre – Yaroomba – 1443 David Low Way – Yaroomba Qld.

      We are planning to showcase some of his work in Exhibition – prior to his heading up the Coast at our Fish Lane – South Brisbane (extension) Studios/Gallery as well – from the 9 August 2017 and we will be advertising the details of this shortly! Cheers!

  2. Cathy
    | Reply

    I’m so excited!!! Thank you Wyn for all of your hard work and exceptional organisational skills to bring international artists of such a high calibre to the Sunshine Coast. Wow… Sekisui House Australia… such a beautiful space full of such inspiration… Can’t wait! Cheers Cathy

    • admin
      | Reply

      Cheers Cathy – it will be fantastic to have you along – being one of our Fish Lane Studio Artists we will be waving the flag high!!

      Also it will be fun to celebrate your Birthday as well – Happy Days all around – thx Wyn

  3. Just : Wow, Wow, Wooow !!!…. amazing, stunning, clear, beautiful, luxurious room, luxuriant
    nature !!!! … Wow !!! Thank you so much Wyn and our sponsors !! I can’t believe I will be soon here !!
    Cheers, Muriel

    • admin
      | Reply

      Hi Muriel – glad you like – it is an awesome space – but this also reflects the beauty and peace of the Sunshine Coast – yet not forgetting that we have a huge surf culture and the energy of this is not to be forgotten!

      So this is a dynamic space for our Art Residency Program and yes – thanks to Sekisui House Australia – to Evan and Bec this has been a fantastic option to take over their Property Design Centre and create the most excellent ‘Pop Up’ location we could have imagined!!

      So cool, and the fun of having you and Yuko will be amazing! Cheers Wyn

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