Launch of our ‘Installation Platform’ onto a commercial footing – almost a Shark Tank Pitch

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Wyn Vogel

Live Demo Day pitch with Wyn Vogel from Sunshine Coast Startup Week #techstars #GEW2017 Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast #demoday

Posted by BeachCity on Monday, 13 November 2017

Video: @BeachCityLife

Thanks to the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre we were selected a 1 of 9 Finalists!

This opportunity to stand and launch our ‘Pitch’ to take our ‘Installation’ Platform onto a commercial footing has been vibrant and challenging!

This type of process is invaluable to ensure that we have considered all the logistics – thought through what we need to do to progress in this lighting fast tech era and ground ourselves for 2018!!

It has been really successful in making us think through all of the above and we are working over Christmas – New Year to be ready to offer 2 solutions to you:

  • A packaged ………… ready to install option – in consultation with you as the client to ensure we can support your needs – with access to our themes and digital library, and/or
  • A customised solution – with your proprietary imagery and a theme to suit your organisations needs.

Interested in Learning More – please Contact Us and we will happily discuss and visit as appropriate!

The Judging Panel – left to right: Anne Lawrence – Coby Sullivan – Mark Paddenburg

Thanks to the Support Team – Robyn Pulman – Debbie Marshall – Megan Rowland – Saffron Drew, and

all the other Finalists!! Head to Facebook to see more!!




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