Colours and Shapes of Australia – ready for exchange at Dinner!!

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Apparently it is a tradition to share small artworks at the ‘FabrianoInAcquarello’Leaders Dinner. Artworks have to be approx… 15 x 20cm!

So I set to Work – gearing the Studio table up to produce these tiny Works – 🌞 now this is a challenge for me, I thought a 1/2 sheet of art paper was small – so this is like postage stamp size – little miniatures!!

What to Paint?

Given that the theme of my Exhibitions/Workshops in France on either side of FabrianoInAcquarello – 2018 – Italy are based around ‘The Colours and Shapes of Australia’ – I decided to stick to the this theme!

Below – 15 x 20 cm – Watercolour and Ink – ready to mount and share with others!!

‘Wild Jacaranda’

These gorgeous purple flowering trees grow in the most unexpected places – their seeds transported presumably by the birds – into our gullies, along the road and in our gardens – they flower early Spring and are one of my favourite sights as they herald the Summer – here in Australia – swimming, family, BBQ’s and Christmas holidays!! So many good memories!!

They grow around our old farm houses and sheds!

Across the hills – dropping their colour on the ground as the season matures!!

Also intriguing and totally representative of our Australian Landscape is the image of the

‘Grass Tree’

These sculptural trees live for 100’s of years – surviving the fires and storms that frequent our bush!

They grow on the edges of our steep rocky hills and cliffs – with their diamond shaped growth patterns on their stems and the tall spears which extend to the sky – their Botanical name –


Now to mount and pack – ready to go!! We are looking forward to this amazing experience – sharing with Watercolour Artists from 70 other Countries – for 5 to 6 days – painting and watching them paint!!

We are taking the Work of 13 Australian Artists with us – and 7 of us are actually traveling to participate > check us out >


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