We’re Proud to Announce – Our 4 x 4 Best in the Australian Watercolour Muster – 2020

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The Australian Watercolour Muster – 2020

Finalists from all 4 Categories

We decided this year – given the craziness of it all – to put an ‘Experimental’ challenge out for our interim – Australian Watercolour Muster year 2020.

Opening our Call for Artists on the 5th June 2020 – we nominated 4 Categories for entries |

The four (4) Categories for Entry to the
Australian Watercolour Muster – 2020 were:

  1. Experimental Watercolour I – Artwork to be Watercolour based mediums on primed Board – up to 16″ x 20″ (inch/imperial) = 40.64 x 50.8cm (metric) we are recommending Ampersand Aquabord for this Category
  2. Experimental Watercolour IIArtwork to be Watercolour mediums on Canvas primed with appropriate grounds to accept watercolour mediums – no larger than 1 x metre in any direction.
  3. Watercolour Paper – on either full or 1/2 sheet watercolour paper – 300gsm or higher any brand, we are being flexible this year with sizing given the changes this year, and even allowed some variation to the full and 1/2 sheet sizing.
  4. Entry for Under 30’s Australian Emerging Artist – Full or half sheet watercolour paper – 300gsm or higher any brand, again we have been flexible this year with sizing given the changes this year.

We are meeting our Critical Dates

The Online Shopping Cart will be activated for the 5th November – Mega Australian Watercolour Muster – 2020 Sale

Just in time for Original Artworks – Christmas treats for you and family!

Browse now – to explore and enjoy

Although this year is a Virtual Exhibition Year – we will be celebrating with our Artists and you will be able to come and celebrate with us if you are free in Brisbane –

@ The Emporium Hotel South Bank – Brisbane

267 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Monday – 12th October – 10am to Noon

We will also share a Zoom link from 11am for you if you are interstate or unable to come to Brisbane!

Tickets are $25 – and these go towards the support of our Under 30’s Artists from each of our Musters.

Join us as we announce our 4 x 4 Best in Muster – and our 2nd Prize Winners!

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