We have Re-Set Our Auction For The Carteret Islanders –

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And dropped the ‘Reserve’ for you ……..!

Every small bid helps – we have extended the Auction until midday the 30 January 2018

Our ‘Goal’ is to finish building 2 more homes for the Carteret Islanders who are having to be moved off their Atoll due to rising sea levels. Families are loosing their veggie patches – ancestorial burial grounds and most importantly a roof over their heads.

Maybe you are a club or group and could pitch together to raise these funds?


have worked together to donate the work for this Auction – we have now had over 1,000 ‘likes’ on our Auction Site and social media pages – but no bids, so we are now relisting the Work until the end of January 2018 as perhaps, with Christmas out of the way some of those who have ‘liked’ may also like to bid – ……….!

Every Bid – Adds a wall or part of a roof – so thanks in advance!!

The ‘Extract’ below – tells the story to date – although a lot achieved ……… much more work to be done – 

Ursula Rakova
Tulele Peisa Incorporated
PO Box 495
Autonomous Region of Bougainville
Papua New Guinea

Website: www.tulele.peisa.org



This report will cover the activities planned for the period of January – December 2017 that Tulele Peisa was involved in and supported under various grants from TP’s international partners TP is very grateful for this support in driving further the organisational advocacy efforts but most importantly the sustainable livelihood options of the relocation program.

The activities further have promoted and continue to drive the values and culture of TP but especially on advocacy and building and strengthening alliances and networks with the High Schools and Secondary Schools in Bougainville; especially Tonu and Bana High Schools in the Southern Region and Koromira and Mabiri High Schools in the Central Region. The highlight of the Schools Climate Change Road Show was the interest gauged by TP amongst the young and learned leaders of the way they seriously think about protection of the environment and surroundings around them. Refer to Appendix 1.

The other highlights for 2017 were the Chocolate Festival celebrated in Arawa which gathered together cocoa farmers, chocolatiers, other entrepreneurs, the Cocoa Industry personnel and other international friends who share the same belief that cocoa can create a real difference in the people’s lives in Bougainville.

One of the challenges to the relocation program since TP’s establishment since 2007 has been the ABG’s Administrations ill support of TP’s relocation program. With the appointment of the new Executive Manager, Kenneth Kumul, to this post, so far TP and the Atolls Office have held 2 fruitful discussions on the way forward for Carterets to progress beyond the rhetoric and how the two partners could work jointly and collaboratively together.

A Five Year Strategic Focus for the Carterets is now being brainstormed for early January 2018, between the Atolls District Administration, TP, Carterets Community Government, Carterets Women’s Federation and the Carterets Youths. TP views this exchange as a very positive outcome of the many struggles towards a very positive outcome.

This week and next week will see TP completing financial reports and finalising all other project designs to its donor partners before winding down for the Christmas and New Year Festive Seasons. TP’s Financial audits for 2015-2016, are awaiting additional final payment and will also be distributed to donor partners at the end of 2017 once payment for service is done.


Please note the ‘Tables’ above at the beginnning of this Post – for some stats …………………..

Challenges of the project:

  • Although major challenges have continued to hamper TP from continuing its program on all of its activities, the highlight this year was the Schools Climate Change Road Show and the selection of the 30 Students Climate Change Warriors. With the outcome of the 30 Young Climate Change Warriors, TP will bring in these students every School holidays in 2018 and conduct Climate Change awareness and training to better equip these 30 students with practical knowledge on the UNFCCC process and what the convention is all about.Furthermore, TP is now embarking on a Climate Change Module development for the Grades 9 and 11 schools to be negotiated with the Department of Education here in Bougainville. The final outcome of the Road Show to schools is for the Modules on Climate Change to be incorporated into the Education system syllabus and if approved could become a Standard Based education syllabus for High School students in PNG. TP will be circulating these documents broadly to all its partners to proof read the materials and edit where applicable as TP believes this is the most important contribution it will make for the future through the education system. Other challenges worth noting for 2017 are:
  • The Drafting of the land deed for Tinputz land by Steven O’Brien lawyers in Moresby completed and awaiting payment of legal fees
  • The Exchanging of Gifts ceremony to be staged by TP, on behalf of the relocated families with the Church and four major clans in Tinputz to continue to foster integration and assimilation.
  • Continuing to plant trees in the Mini Food Forest in non-usable land of the plantation to increase the number to 1 million trees.
  • Continuing the project on “Young people planting trees on climate change” to complement building climate resilience and mitigation at a young stage. This project to coincide with the World Environment Day annually.
  • Continuing to advocate on climate change by empowering 30 young students in Tonu, Bana, Koromira and Mabiri with skills and knowledge and bettering their understanding on climate change impacts so they become Student Ambassadors on Climate Change in Bougainville. So that they have a voice on the discussions on climate change at the Political, Economic and Social Arena in the country.
  • Continuing to advocate for the relocation of the Carterets Islanders to safe and secure locations in Bougainville, including that of the other atoll islands as well; Nuguria, Mortlock and the Tasman Islands.

Ursula Rakova
Executive Director
Tulele Peisa Incorporated


Home – In Process
Completed Home – we need 2 more please

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