Trans-Media Collaborations Help Create Well-Being!

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What happens when you combine the mix of the arts – music – fine art – film and design?

Fish Lane Studios is a trans-media story telling lab – with a goal to create immersive worlds, some specifically for clinical environments,
understanding the psychological impact of music, colour, light and art to aid and enhance well-being of Patients.


These collaborations, crossing the art spectrum and working with other Creative’s such as Dr Catherine Crock of The Hush Music Foundation and their Composers – Matthew Hindson and Elena Kats-Chernin, has brought ‘The Beach to The Hospital’, and now with our second film loop – we have taken the patients of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane away to the hinterland of the Queensland Sunshine Coast – with our film – ‘Glass Houses’!

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane provides an extensive visual art program aimed at bringing the ‘Outside In’, which is proving to have a significant impact on patients and visitors.

As part of this program they worked with Artist – Wyn Vogel to create this immersive ‘Installation’ for one of their Wards.

Dawn BeachThe feedback from Patients is that there is significant relaxation, motivation and pleasure in being able to visit the beach or the mountains, without leaving their clinical care environment.

………..“I needed a quiet place and found the flow of the water making its way to the sea just what was needed,” says a patient. “Thank you for a peaceful area to sit in and gather strength to go on.”……….


St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane is monitoring the impact of the ‘Installation’ and the outcomes from this will be incorporated into future programs to aid the well-being of their patients.


Wyn has taken her camera, brushes and inks and sat plein air capturing the mountains, the flora and fauna along with the sounds and colours of the evening sky.

Glass_Houses_PleinAir1the work then goes on the table


colour is added


then to life!


The evening sky was an important component, to work with The Hush Music Foundation’s music chosen from their list of works.

star_above_screen1_largethumbComposer – Matthew Hindson who is currently the Acting Head of School, Sydney Conservatorium of Music – composed ‘The Stars Above Us All’ and the track was recorded by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in December 2013 for the Hush Music Foundation CD Hush Volume 13: The Magic island.

This disc is written to provide calming and engaging music for children and adults undergoing treatment in hospitals, as well as their parents, families and administering doctors and surgeons.

“The Stars Above Us All” was premiered by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the entire concert was broadcast live on ABC Classic FM. Matthew and other composers involved, including Maria Grenfell, Brenton Broadstock, Paul Stanhope, Elena Kats-Chernin and Stuart Greenbaum, were involved signing CDs for 25 minutes after the concert.”

For more info and current work head to Matthew’s site

This selection of Work continues the relationship between Fish Lane Studios and The Hush Music Foundation, as earlier this year we collaborated and engaged Elena Kats-Chernin’s music – ‘Dance of The Paper Umbrellas’ as the music for the first film component of our Installation – ‘The Beach to The Hospital’

We look forward to creating and developing more immersive worlds, researching and experimenting as we go to ensure that these strategies achieve their goal, working with other clinical service providers to enrich their built environments bringing a window to their patients as well.


Film links:

Glass Houses >

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Wyn Vogel – Creative Director

Fish Lane Studios Limited



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