The Sail Maker and The Patients – Our ‘Virtual World’ takes on new clothes

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What does it take to make a ‘Virtual World’ – It takes the real world to collaborate and work up a storm!

Thanks to our ‘sail-maker’ James and Ben & the Team from Quantum Sails Australia!

James_Quantum Sails Australia – thanks so much Guys

Thanks to all the Patients and Staff at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane

Our Patients helped fluff the flowers

Thanks to the Volunteers – like Sylvia – Occupational Therapist

Sylvia – ST Vincent’s Private Hospital Volunteer Art Therapist at work

 And, my right hand for the 1st day –

Emmalyn – Griffith Uni Graduate Art Student – my right hand for the day!


Nursing Staff like – Chadani who encouraged us through the day!!

And Space to Work and Think As We Create

We stripped back our test-bed and worked from scratch to create ‘The Lookout’ a space where Patients can come and relax – chat to their families – have a coffee with friends from other Wards and/or just chill and contemplate the cross-media film, music and art that has been combined to create a feeling that they are at the beach or the mountains – without having to leave the safety of their Hospital care!

We have to thank musicians Elena Kats-Chernin – Matthew Hindson of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for allowing us to go via their Copyright specialists in – Berlin and London to integrate their music – created for The Hush Music Foundation, into our cross-media production!

We filmed on the Yaroomba Beach – the Glass House Mountains and the Japanese Gardens – in the Brisbane Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Brisbane to bring together the initial library of digital work.

Incorporated with the music is original artwork from the fine art studio – of Artist – Wyn Vogel – Studio@Vantage and Fish Lane Studios!

For this iteration of the ‘skin’ of our shell – we have literally hung related canvases with original oil paintings – some components of which are already integrated into the digital film.

Our Virtual Worlds – depending on where you sit in them allow you to muse and chill!

From Yaroomba Beach to The Japanese Garden

The Glass House Mountains – to our Native Cockatoos and Gum Blossoms

A Patient can dream they are on the beach or musing over the detail of the ‘Lichen’ that grows in the mountains!

Research by The Hush Music Foundation – and their Founder and Chair – Dr Catherine Crock AM – originally developed the style of music to reduce stress and anxiety felt by both patients and their families in hospitals, the Hush music collection transforms the environment through the use of carefully curated music from some of Australia’s foremost musicians and talents – such as Elena Kats-Chernin and Matthew Hindson – in collaboration with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra – we are honoured to be able to be part of this collaboration and incorporate their music into our cross-media productions!

We’ve learnt a lot over the 2 years we have worked with St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane to have our test-bed running – in the hospital environment!

Timing so as not to disturb patients – ability for staff to clean around and under our ‘Installation’ – cleaning of chairs and equipment is paramount in a hospital environment and St Vincent’s Private Hospital has been amazing in helping us understand their needs!

Thanks to Curator Fiona Forrest and all the Staff – we are now looking at consolidating and growing this capability – with new funding initiatives being sought for 2018 – we are hoping to be able to grow our capability onto a commercial base.

Next Job – to grow our digital library and upgrade the tech side to being interactive – thanks to AKMGroup and Fish Lane Studios – we have the next gen capability to do this – so bring on 2018!!

We Offer 2 Options:

  • a ready to go Package with access to our established – digital library, + themes to suit your needs, and
  • a bespoke solution for specific needs in any built environment – canvas panels can be replaced with hard surface substrates – tailored lighting and the level of immersive and interactive capability depending on budget and style of therapy that the facility would like to enjoy are all available and possible!

Skins for the ‘Installation’ can be commercially/graphically designed by our Artists/designers or as with this iteration of our ‘Installation’ the ‘production’ can become an integral part of the Hospital/Facilities Occupational Therapy program – so Patients can identify with the final outcomes – as they did this time – taking ownership and some of the flowers to their own Wards to share with other friends!

 If your keen to become part of this amazing story – work with us or donate to help the ‘next gen’ Installation

Please Contact Us –

The Alcove – ‘The Lookout’

A safe space to muse and reflect
Patients can feel they are at the beach or the mountains without leaving the safety of their clinical care!

Over the time we were installing and changing up the scenery – Patients and family came and commented that they had been in and out of the hospital over the last 2 years and this was a space that they always come and sit – they commented on the evolving themes and nature of the Installation and encouraged us to keep growing and evolving – they love the space – thanks Guys!!
The Alcove – The Lookout

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