Our June 2020 – Digital Wall – behind the Australian Watercolour Muster – Artists

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Showcasing 3 more of our amazing Australian Watercolour Muster – Finalists on our Digital Wall – June 2020

Beauty Unfolds – Stephanie Boyle above | Feature Image on Post – The Berry Feast – Marion Hughes

Featured Artists for June –

Marion Hughes – Qld | Stephanie Boyle – WA | Robin Hicks – SA

These ladies all have Watercolour Work that is now in Italy – for FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020, each of them were Finalists in our Australian Watercolour Muster – 2019 

Below is more of their story and some pictures of what they love and appreciate about their Studios and materials they use!

Marion Hughes – Gladstone Qld

Marion loves nature and her surroundings so it comes as no surprise that her subject matter depicts birds, wildlife etc. She also loves exploring the face so portraiture has come into her subject matter in recent times.

She is passionate about watercolour and it is no surprise that she ultimately returns to this fascinating medium every time.

Marion has exhibited in many art exhibitions over the years and owned her own gallery in Gladstone, Central Queensland where she resides at present.

She has been teaching her techniques in classes and workshops over the last 10 years and loves passing on knowledge about the magic world of painting with watercolour adding in mixed media and ink to bring her work to life.

Most recently, Marion was chosen, via the Australian Watercolour Muster  the brainchild of fellow artist, Wyn Vogel, to represent Australia with 33 other exceptional Australian Artists, at FabrianoInAquarello – Italy May 2020, to showcase our work along with artists from over 80 countries.

Stephanie Boyle – Western Australia

In 2018, one of Stephanie’s paintings was chosen to be exhibited in Maccagno, Italy as part of an international watercolour exhibition. In the same year, a painting “Walk Amongst the Trees” was chosen to be exhibited at the 21st ECWS Exhibition at Cracow, Poland.

Stephanie is an active member of The Watercolour Society of W.A. Inc. In July 2015 members of the Watercolour Society participated in a joint Art exhibition in China as guests of the Chinese Government.  In September 2016, one of Stephanie’s paintings was chosen to be a part of the Associazione Italiana Aquerellisti in Alessandria, Italy. The highlight was performing a demonstration of painting on Yupo paper to members and guests.

You will find a painting of Stephanie’s published in PERTH 2010- As We See It The Watercolour Society of WA Inc. In the Creative Artist Magazine, Stephanie has an article published about her Art Studio and her art practice.

Stephanie has taught Watercolours at Claremont School of Art and Tresillian Art Centre. She has conducted workshops in country towns in W.A. and given numerous demonstrations to different Art Societies in Western Australia.

Stephanie studied and completed a Certificate of Art and Design at West Coast College of TAFE.

She attended Summer school on nine occasions at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst to further her technical ability.  Stephanie has been tutored by Australia’s leading Artists in Watercolour, Acrylic and Mixed media.  She is always looking to broaden and further her artistic knowledge by attending workshops and demonstrations.

Her work can be found in many private collections as Stephanie exhibits widely throughout the state.


Robin Hicks – South Australia

Robin has just moved house and is unpacking her Studio – however this is her Work that is currently on display in Italy – for FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy – 2020 with other Watercolour Artists from over 80 Countries 🌞

Robin says …….

I have always been inspired to paint using watercolours because of its translucency and its ability to create beautiful effects by the layering down of colours.
I connect deeply with anything of the natural world and sometimes the supernatural world in a creative sense. My experience is that art, creativity is truly a way for me to explore my thoughts and feelings. Watercolour is a wonderful medium for special effects, so this one is my favourite for certain subjects.
I also paint in other mediums, pastels, oil, acrylic and drawing in charcoal or pencil.
I developed a love for minerals and gems while working at the SA Museum and in recent years have begun painting crystals and gems in oil and watercolour.
Throughout the year I participate in many exhibitions in South Australia and also hold solo exhibitions, and over the years and have received many awards. My most recent award is being selected as a finalist for Fabriano In Acquarello 2020. 
I am an art tutor for groups, online and private classes.

To view the full list of 32 Australian Artists – Selected to have their Work showcased in FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020 please head across to this link >>>>


Our Aussie Paintings Are On Their Way to Italy – FabrianoInAcquarello – May 2020

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