Join Me In France – Workshops Coquelles – April and Gaillon – May 2018

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So …… getting down to the nitty gritty for my Workshops in France – these will be based on the Colours and Shapes of Australia – 2 different palettes – the warm reds below and a cooler palette to come ……….to Book you will need to head across to each of these amazing Festival sites:

** Biennale d Aquarelle de Coquelles >…/biennale…/home/stages-d-aquarelle and,

** 2018 Aquarell’Eure Festival – Gaillon > 


This test sheet was done with inks – Blackstone Inks which we won’t be using for the Workshops but this Work shows the palette of the sages – greens and blues we will be using for more info re the Blackstone Inks head across to my Blog I’ve shared links to the creator of these amazing inks – which have been designed for use with Fountain Pens and they flow so well – you will be able to make beautiful marks!

What we will be exploring though …..

Are the techniques I use with my squirrel brushes and large wash brushes – to create images such as the one selected for Exhibition this year in FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy – 2018:

And the sister from the series – Snow Gums – Strathbogie Ranges


So if you would like to join me and explore with me – you will need to link across to the Organisers of each Event and book directly with them – not only will there be Workshops by myself but also from a range of other amazing Artists > come and discover us all!!

In the next blog I will share the images of the brushes etc and an outline of the Workshop – though these are available in French from both of the Organisers – ??? very exciting!!


** Biennale d Aquarelle de Coquelles >…/biennale…/home/stages-d-aquarelle and,
** 2018 Aquarell’Eure Festival – Gaillon >

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