Italy Is Calling – Submit your Watercolour Work for 2019

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Showcase Your Watercolour Work to the World

April 25/29 2019

You don’t have to travel to Italy to do this – but if you would like to meet some of the best Watercolourist you will be welcome to travel from Australia to Fabriano – Italy in 25/29th April 2019 to be part of this amazing 10th Year of Convention.

Please download and read the ‘Rules’ in details for FabrianoInAcquarello – 2019

Here is a Summary of the ‘Requirements’:

Australian Born and/or Naturalized Artists are welcome to Submit their Watercolour Work to be selected for representation under the Australian Banner in consultation with The Australian Country Leader – Wyn Vogel – Please send the Form available from this link if you have more questions.

This year Australian Artists are able to Contact me directly via our online Contact Form and send images of your Work directly to me – please click the BUTTON below and submit your initial interest to me personally – We are having a Selection Panel this year from across Australia and they will be sent copies of your Work to be Juried 🌞 Submission of your Work via this link is agreement with this processthanks – Wyn Vogel – Australian Leader

Submit Your Artwork

Deadline for Submission of Artwork in Australia –
is 15th October to 15th December 2018

Selected Australian Finalists will be notified by 22nd December 2018 and Finalist Artists are then to provide high resolution Images of their Artwork via Drop Box to the Australian Country Leader – Wyn Vogel (details will be sent separately to Finalists), along with all signed Application Forms – plus payment of the Italian and Australian Admin Charges to their Country Leader by the  – 7th January 2019 – to enable us to get the details to Italy by their deadlines for acceptance of our Australian contingent!

Last year we all had a BUZZ heading to Fabriano in Italy we will look forward to you joining us this year if you are able to travel – however – you are welcome to Submit Work even if you are not able to travel!

We can have:

  • 15 Australian Artists accepted to Exhibit on the ground in Fabriano – Italy during the dates of 25/29 May 2019, and these 15 Artists will be in the Catalogue
  • we can select another 15 Artists to be in the Catalogue only!
  • 1 x quality young artist under 30 for Exhibition and Catalogue
  • 2 new talents who have never participated in FabrianoInAcquarello before

So this year we are looking to celebrate EMERGING ARTISTS – by selecting one young Artist and 2 x Artists that have never been mentioned in Fabriano before – Please contact me for further details if you are interested!

There is no cost to submit your Work for consideration – however, Australian Finalists – will need to help cover the costs of shipping Work to Fabriano via the Australian Country Leader and will also be required to pay a small submission to Fabriano Organisers to cover the cost of Exhibition and Catalogue in Italy – note dot points below:

  • FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 70 Euros for the exposition artists / 40 Euros for the “only-catalogue” artists, and
  • on-ground admin and postage costs in Australia of $AUD 60.00
  • (an Invoice for the above costs – with a request for your Final Forms and Images will be emailed to each Finalist selected for Exhibition and Catalogue along with your notification email by the 22nd December – an early Christmas present perhaps 🌞 🎄)!

Please Read the full ‘Rules’ …………….. We remind you that the **Notes** below are a summary only:

  1. The artworks must be sent unframed, the Fabriano Organization will provide setting in paper frame
    with or without a PVC plastic transparent protection sheet, the use of PVC, must be
    specified in Artist forms. The Fabriano organization will not use PVC if not requested.
  2. Artworks dimension is half sheet (half Imperial = 56 x 38 cm = 22”x15”), to be used either horizontal or vertical – the frame window will be 56 x 38 also.

  3. An applied passpartout (matte) on the border ok the artworks, is allowed as long as it is done of light / white paper and no bigger than the half sheet. Passpartout is optional in accordance with artist sensibility. The Fabriano organization will not use passpartout.
  4. It is firmly recommend those artists who wants to protect the painting during the travel and the mounting, to apply the PVC sheet before the sending to prevent the painting from any damage (consider that custom control always open the artworks packs).
  5. Artworks must be signed.
  6. An “artist’s identification form” (attached A) must be filled / signed by artists and glued on the back of each artwork.
  7. An “artist’s identification form” (attached B) must be filled / signed by artists and collected by the Country Leader
If you are not an Australian National you are welcome to consult the list of Country leaders below at the end of this Blog and contact us for further details to forward you on to the relevant Country Leader.

An Optional Painting Holiday x 2 is also being organised – but please read below and email your choice to the Fabriano Organisers quickly – as these book out!

DATES of Convention and Painting Holiday:
Option 1.
– From April 30 to May 5
– in Frascati / Sperlonga / Ventotene / Monte S. Biagio for the InAcquarello cities festivals – these dates are definitive and these places we are considering due to big joy of past years.
Option 2.
– From April 30 to May 12
– in Urbino / Mondovì / Ferrara / ?? for the old and new
InAcquarello cities festivals – dates and places are still planning and they are not definitive
The two painting holiday program and cost will soon be public, only 100 places available in booking order – to book please send an email to (email subject: painting holiday)


Cheers we look forward to hearing from you and seeing your Work – regards Wyn!

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  1. Peter Robert Conaghan
    | Reply

    Hi Wyn, just clarifying that paintings are able to be on any type of watercolour paper or does it need to be on Fabriano?

    • admin
      | Reply

      Hi Peter – it is not a requirement to use Fabriano – though I think most of us last year did go out and make the effort to find Fabriano and use it!! So up to you – but please read all the Rules off the site as the size and requirements for shipping and presenting work are specific – look forward to see what you come up with – cheers Wyn

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