FISH LANE STUDIOS is alive and kicking – our RE-Opening Night was a buzz

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Kym Barrett and Noela Mills our Guest Opening – Artists of Honour!

Thank you ladies for your amazing Work to be ready for us to open our doors again and break all the Voodoos of Cyclones and hopefully virus as well …… though we accept we can’t be complacent about the latter!

Kym – your cold wax and oils Work has welcomed me the last couple of morning since the opening and we have had great feedback and some real interest – so we welcome everyone to come and browse.

‘Something Kindred Greets Me Still’ – 1

22 x 110 x 4 cm cold wax and oils on board

and Noela – more pieces of your jewellery will be finding a home in my jewellery box for sure 🌞


We take our hats off to all our family and friends who turned out on Friday night to celebrate with us – despite the perils. Thankfully the rain stayed away and we were able to have our gorgeous Calypso Mama – Shaz Brown out on our deck – BillyKart catered and wined and dined us ……….. we are so proud to announce we are alive and kicking and ready to share great art and music with you once again!!

Calypso Mama and her Sweet Steel Drums – Shaz Brown

So ……….. We’re off and running – Workshops and Events to be loaded later today – we will be definitely running some Workshops for those of you who are intrigued and always wanted to try your hand at painting – some drawing and watercolour to start ++ Workshops for those of you who are well progressed and would like to practice with us loosening up your techniques and finding new compositions to intrigue you as you work across your paper!

Workshops on the deck can be catered for by BillyKart Restaurant – so don’t be shy get a group of friends together and come and talk to us about a paint party for a celebration or simply just for fun!!

Friday Night’s Opening For You to Browse

We welcomed a true icon of Australian Art – Rex Backhaus-Smith and Partner Judith Laws – with Artist Noela Mills – this was for me a magic moment as I have loved Rex’s Work since his early days of the layering and watercolour – now he tells me he is creating large scale Works – so amazing and wonderful to share this night with them – and to discover Judith’s Work as well – this is the Art World – a magic place where we meet other creatives and enjoy the moment – thanks guys for being with us!!

On The Deck – our new homeFish Lane Studios – 4 Edmondstone Street – Sth. Brisbane Queensland Australia – we hope to be able to invite all our international artists to share at some stage with us – I’m working on a plan to make this easy – so we can share your Work …….🌞!

Claire Driver and Jill Blacker

Claire Driver and Mum – Artist – Kym Barrett

My friend Jenny Loveday – who I wouldn’t have survived last year and the launch of our inaugural Australian Watercolour Muster – 2019 without! Thanks to you all – family and friends…….! Below our men taking it easy – Norbert Vogel and Peter Loveday!

Big thanks to Gordon Barrett for helping us hang – Jenny Loveday and Barry Mengel

Grandson – Jeb – fascinated by the Shaz’s drumming – a new aspiration for this young drummer himself perhaps!

Fellow Artist Szczepan Urbanowicz and wife Gosia

Shane Riddington – Tim and Anna Scott on the deck!

Wyn Vogel – Curator and Artist Fish Lane Studios – Anna Scott – Jeb Scott and Val Scott

Wyn Vogel and Graphic Designer for Fish Lane Studios – and Artist – Suzie Porter!

Suzie’s handy Work – if you need a great graphic designer – this is your woman!

These gorgeous chairs were my Mother’s – I’m sure she had to put her sun glasses on looking down from heaven – but hey Mum – these are special I’ve sat in them since I was a baby!! 🌞 Thanks to Michael and John of Homme Interiors and Upholstery for the stunning restoration of our chairs!!



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