Fish Lane Studio Artists – Heading to Xi’an China

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2018 has already been a fascinating and exiting year of travel and Exhibition in 2 of my favourite countries – France and Italy – with some amazing colleagues and new friends!!  Exploring new networks – opens new horizons – we have been invited to Exhibit our Watercolour Artwork in the – very exciting –

5th Silk Road International Arts Festival –
Xi’an China in September/October 2018!

| Muriel Buthier-Chartrain – France | Jonas Pettersson – Sweden | Martine Vanparijs – Belgium |

| Wyn Vogel – Australia | Donna Acheson Juillet – France/Canada |

5 Experimentalists – showcasing their Watercolour Works

We have to say a huge thanks to our mentor/artist Jayson Yeoh who has worked hard, active in both his local Malaysian and international arts scenes.

Jayson has been invited to exhibit in many international exhibitions. He was invited in 2016 and 2017 by the Ministry Of Culture Of The Peoples Republic Of China and The Peoples Government of Shaanxi Province to Exhibit in The Silk Road International Arts Festival, “Today Silk Road Special Exhibition Of International Art Works” and to be the curator for the Europe-America and Asia region.

Thanks to Jayson he discovered – our French Artist – Muriel Buthier-Chartrain in 2017 and this lead through an interesting set of circumstances to the other 4 of us being invited to submit Work – to be Juried for this Exhibition ‘The 5th Silk Road International Arts Festival – Xian 2018.

Jayson’s Yeoh Work is stunning and unique:

Buthier-Chartrain – France – will be exhibiting a piece of Work inspired by her Australian Art Residency with us at Yaroomba Beach!

‘Down Under’

Martine Vanparijs – Belgium – her beautiful Work below – ‘Rust Shadows’

Jonas Pettersson – Sweden – untitled

Donna Acheson Juillet – France/Canada – ‘Pearls’

Wyn Vogel – Beach Pandanas I

Exhibition Dates: September 7, 2018 – October 7, 2018

Exhibition Venue:Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Xi’an, Shaanxi, P. R. China.

The opening ceremony commences at Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts.

The Fifth Silk Road International Arts Festival

Today Silk Road International Arts Exhibition The Silk Road International Festival is a positive implement of President Xi’s great strategic conception of “One Belt, One Road” in the field of humanities, and it is an important project for strengthening the communications and cooperation between Chinese and other cultures, reaching a new height of cultural exchanges and cooperation.
Hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, and organized by Department of Culture of Shaanxi Province, The Fifth Silk Road International Arts Festival Today Silk Road International Arts Exhibition is commencing in Xi’an this September. There were 300 artists from 106 countries participating in the Fourth Silk Road International Art Exhibition in 2017.

You will be able to follow the events of the –

5th Silk Road International Arts Festival as they take shape!

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