Creative Spaces – Sunshine Coast Coming of Age

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Sunshine Coast Council – have listened to their Creative Community and created a stunning resource profile for them!

Creative Spaces – launched September ’18

Some free – some a small charge are now available for you to choose – size, use and location are all listed on their well designed website > HEAD ACROSS TO VIEW SPACES |

Yesterday we wandered and sat under the trees on Chamberlain Island – in the middle of the Maroochy River and watched the birds and river waves lap the sand!

The Views Are Stunning!

This first space to be launched

The Crows Nest – Maroochy River Rowing Club -a creative place for mind and spirit!

Has the most gorgeous atmosphere and views – totally conducive to an Artists ability to focus and retreat to a creative place in mind and spirit. Not large and certainly will require you to be able to carry canvas, paper – writing materials etc to the Studio across the little footbridge that takes you to this other World 🌞!! But totally seductive in the peace you will find there.

Artists already at Work

Sarah Tuckey from The Botanical Collective @ work

and Delta Venus – in The Crow’s Nest – beauty all around her!

The Crow’s Nest!

As Bent Miller (below) – Story Teller from the Gubbi Gubbi Dance Troop explained – this beautiful river is the home of the Black Swan – in the past they have chosen this area to lay and grow their young. The Maroochy River Rowing Club Logo reflects this with respect and high under the eaves is the ‘Crows Nest’ the Studio space dedicated now to the creative pursuits of those of us who need a space to Work …….. amazing – big thanks to the Sunshine Coast Council – The Maroochy Rowing Club Inc and all the other ‘Space’ Providers who have worked with the Council to establish this service.

The Launch On The Lawn!

Megan Rowland –  Sunshine Coast Council – Team Leader Creative Development, Creative Arts and a new creative energy on our Coast – introduced us to the concepts and then invited Councillor Tim Dwyer (below) Deputy Mayor of the Sunshine Coast Council – to Open and Launch The Program!

Michael Shadforth (below) – President of the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce discussed the importance of a vibrant community and the ability of land holders/commercial owners to add value to their community by keeping their spaces filled to the brim with creative operators that add substance to our communities!

Voices United – Bree (below) another local Artist –  sharing her joy at the opportunity as an emerging Artist to have this type of support in the Community!

So head across and explore what options might suit your needs |


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