Christmas is coming – We are extending the Australian Watercolour Muster Digital Gallery Sale 2020

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The Australian Watercolour Muster Digital Gallery Sale 2020

We have so many great Artists represented on our Digital Gallery – head over via this link to explore!

If your keen for updates and information re the Australian Watercolour Muster – please head to the HOME PAGE and scroll down and register for our Newsletters – we don’t bombard you with them, but try to include interesting info re some of our Artists and exciting news as we plan for 2021/22 Events!

Any inquiries for purchase can be directed to the
Curator of the Australian Watercolour Muster – Wyn Vogel

Wyn is happy to talk about the Artists you are interested in and share any details re these Artists with you.

From the Australian Watercolour Muster we have been able to select our Australian Artists to represent us each year at FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy – until this year for obvious reasons, though having said that we do have 32 Artworks in Fabriano – Italy (just north of Rome) ready for Exhibition in 2021 given they couldn’t be Exhibited this year!

To compensate for this we have offered 4 x Solo Exhibitions to the 4 x ‘Best In Muster – 2020’ here in Brisbane Australia, more details will be coming soon but the dates set aside for these Exhibitions are:

  • Paul Margocsy – 12th to 24th March – 2021
  • Ferie Sadeghi – May 2020 – actual dates to be confirmed
  • Julian Bruere – June 2020 – actual dates to be confirmed, and
  • Yifei Chen – July 2020 – actual dates to be confirmed.

As these Exhibitions are consolidated we will post the information here for you to follow and come and support these amazing Artists during their Openings Nights – Julian and Paul will be running Workshops as well so this is exciting news to watch out for – cheers Wyn

Check the Tag Links below to find out more about the Aussie Artists who have gone to FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy and some of the stories we have shared over these last Events!



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