Celebrate With Us – Our Aussie Artists Selected To Represent Australia in FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2019

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Meet Our Aussie Artists!

Thanks to Anna Massinissa and all her FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2019 Team

We are all looking forward to meeting again in Fabriano in April 2019 – and sharing our Artwork, meeting old friends and new – watching the Demonstrations and enjoying painting there with you all in Italy!

Country Leader – Wyn Vogel

Kata Tjuta – After Rain

Representative Artist – Julian Bruere

Gino Corsini – Italian Winemaker King Valley


Alan Louis Ramachandran

Murray River Reflections

Bruce Buchanan

Ghost Gums – Central Australia

Caroline Deeble

High Country Stream

Jan Lawnikanis

In Full Bloom

Jude Scott

My Favourite Things

Maria Field

Above Sydney

Pam Walpole

Desert Boulders

Pauline Adair

Light Sleeper

Richard Chao

The Thinker

Roslyn Hartwig

Richly Clothed In Robes of Delight

Sue Cross

Ord River Reflections # 6

Ted Dansey


Wilma Green

Mallacoota Monarch

Yasaman Dehghan

A Silent Prayer



Bernice Wright

Forest Blush

Clive Sinclair

Whirl Wind on Simpson Desert

Cynthia Stewart

Coal River Water-life

Graham W Smith

Art Deco Mirror – Ideal Cafe – Fabriano

Helen Beaver

The Estuary – Ravenglass Cumbria

Pam Eddy

These Boots Were Made For Working

Tony Walker

Keep River – Kimberley

Wendy Taylor

Venetian Basilica

Congratulations to all our Artists – we are so proud to take you to Italy and look forward to meeting you all in Fabriano in April ’19 if possible!

We are also keen to announce and have your participation to create –
an on-ground experience in Australia

An – ‘Australian Watercolour Muster’

– leading up to FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020?

We are looking to encourage all Artists interested in Watercolour painting to join us here in Australia – so we are asking you:

  • What do you think this should look like?
  • Dates late 2019 that might suit you, and
  • Would you participate if we have this Event Annually – the goal would then be to select from the represented Artists here in Australia …. to …. represent us the next year as part of our Australian Delegation – to FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020 !

We held our first ‘Public Consultation Meeting’ on the 21st January ’19 and will continue to keep you in touch!

Please share your thoughts with us and we will be happy to share more news – if you would like to join us!


10 Responses

  1. Caroline Deeble
    | Reply

    Looking forward to being involved in the Australian Watercolour Muster. Perhaps it could also include workshops & talks about exhibiting OS over a few days to encourage new artists in this media. Thus bringing more attention to the events both here and future FabrianoinAquarello interests. I’m happy to be a speaker & / or workshop artist.

    • admin
      | Reply

      Hi Caroline – thanks for this I think when we are back from Fabriano this year it will be amazing to share the experience for sure – I will keep you to your Word!

      I will also add you to our register for Workshops – when we get closer to final planning we can work out what and who these will be …. but I am keeping a ‘Register of Interested Tutors/Demonstrators’ – so will add you to this – cheers and thanks Wyn

  2. Tony WALKER
    | Reply

    Muster is a great idea.
    For exhib venue, Consider also RQAS gallery Petrie Terrace if it’s available as it is a relatively large gallery, well lit wall space, staff on duty, is affordable and is centrally located in Bris. Also, would there be possibilities at RNA EKKA buildings?
    My opinion – To attract and accommodate overseas artists, the convenience, transport and facilities and accommodation backup available in the a city is virtually essential. For outback experience, 1-3 day tours from Brisbane could be organized as an adjunct eg to Carnarvon Gorge, Warwick, Border Ranges etc (even Toowoomba would seem like outback to some visitors).

    • admin
      | Reply

      Hi tony – thanks for your support last night coming to the 1st Planning Meeting – for the Australian Watercolour Muster – as you heard we threw around lots of ideas and at the next meeting we have to get down to tin tacks – 18th February 2019 – at the Church same as – cheers Wyn

  3. Pam Walpole
    | Reply

    I’ll just jot down some thoughts/questions while they are on my mind.
    If the Muster is held in Brisbane there would be a greater number of artists to billet visiting artists!!
    Venue should be where artists can easily get public transport if they are not staying with a local artist.
    Maybe it could be held in more than one venue if the chosen isn’t large enough? Does the Italian Club have a large venue to be used as an exhibition space? Could the Watercolour Society rooms have a suitable exhibition space?
    The Art College at South Bank is nearby. Can their venue be an option?
    How many artists would be selected?
    A plein air half day be included. ‘Painting in the Park” Demonstrations. Workshops. Gallery trips

    • admin
      | Reply

      Hi Pam – we are really looking forward to working on this in the new year – we have convened this meeting for 6.30pm on the 21st January ’19 at St Mary’s Parish Hall on Kangaroo Point and will have looked at several venues by then and talked with a number of people to have some information to lay on the table during the meeting – so would love to have you there is you can make it as well? We are also talking with FabrianoInAcquarello – organisers in Italy about activities and possible exhibition of their 10th Anniversary – Traveling Exhibition they are putting together after this years Event in Fabriano in April ’19 which you are coming to – so this could be exciting – especially if we have an Australian included in this!! Talk soon – to explore more ideas – cheers Wyn

  4. Jan Lawnikanis
    | Reply

    Looking forward to being at the meeting. What a great way to showcase and promote Australian watercolour artists! Being a ‘muster’, I wonder if the Australian Outback Spectacular venue would be a good place? It’s near the other theme parks on the Gold Coast. I have never been there myself, but it’s just a thought.

  5. Marilyn Revell
    | Reply

    Hello Wyn
    I think that the Australian Watercolour Muster is a great idea. Unfortunately I would not be able to participate but would like to suggest that the Muster take place somewhere that would encompass the Australian bush plus traditional Ozzie architecture. Perhaps a country town such as Toowoomba or Tenterfield. It would need to be big enough to offer accommodation or close enough to a larger town. Good Luck with all you are doing. Regards Marilyn

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