Alvaro Castagnet – Magic In The Brush !

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Thanks to Fran & Tony John of The Emporium Hotel South Bank and Jenny Loveday & the Qld Watercolour Society
You hear about these Artists, you read their profiles, look at their pictures and videos – watch their progress across the world – but it isn’t until you actually physically stand and watch them paint – that you realise the magic in their brushes, the inspiration that comes from their minds and hands!

This was the experience late yesterday afternoon – Alvaro Castagnet, international Artist and traveler with an amazing profile …………… now I concur – I know – watching him translate the late Brisbane afternoon from before our eyes to the paper was deeply inspiring.

The late afternoon light under the Captain Cook Bridge – capturing the colours of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs – colours that are new to my palette but which work perfectly from the eyes of this amazing Artist visiting our town!

Soft strong washes – a dichotomy maybe ….. but they work!

……………. the magic begins

Gorgeous details – softly washed into the image – strong shadows

………………. to the details of the cranes on the skyline!

An absorbed audience

Others relaxing in the ambiance of the Sky Deck Lounge of the new Emporium Hotel South Bank!

Just stunning – work in less than 2 hours! Hat off Alvaro Gastagnet

Thanks to  Alvaro Gastagnet and Ana Maria – The Emporium Hotel South Bank – Tony & Fran John and also Jenny Loveday and the Qld Watercolour Society!


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