A Stunning Venue and View – Parkridge Workshop Overlooking Lake Wyeba Nov ’18

A Stunning Venue and View – Parkridge Workshop Overlooking Lake Wyeba Nov ’18

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The light across Lake Wyeba – transited during the day from soft grey/sienna morning mist to glimpses of bright Noosa blue and white – then dropped down to the most enthralling soft ochre even on the surface of the Lake and we anticipated the colours of the sunset.

Kite surfers rode the wind and in the afternoon, a small sailing skiff tripped across the centre of the water – drifting happily in the breezes (well ….. vibrant gusts of wind – actually 🤨 which blew our papers and challenged our palettes continuously) …… but we had a ball – 15 ladies all discovering that indeed ……… it can be fun to work with Watercolour Paints!!

It was a real buzz to see the work spring from the paper – Work such as the piece below – Marion Powell – an amazing artist already in other mediums and genre such as portraiture ……. so just fun to see her create with watercolour!!

Marion Powell – Lake Wyeba

3 colours – 2 brushes – 1 sheet of paper

– Who would have thought this ………………. –

We started out discussing the Work of John Olsen and John Borrack – who inspire my Work – their search for a story and alternate techniques to traditional watercolour drive me along ………….

We talked 3 colours – red – blue – yellow

and the colours of the rainbow that they produce …………..

We talked structure and started to paint …………… the Deck @ Parkridge providing the most amazing views across Lake Wyeba, with the transition of light during the day grabbing our attention constantly!

The technique – from bowls of primary colour…………… direct washes …………layering my colours onto the paper – rather than mixing on a palette – the paper is 300gsm Moulin du Roy or Arches – all cold pressed.

The image below shows two techniques underway – glazing with colour washes – while also laying in the shadows of the lake with black pigment ink first!

Then it was time for everyone to start!! Carol Hampson taking her Squirrel brush to task!

The deck a perfect space – relaxing – tables and water at our ready –

thanks to the Team from Parkridge and support from Peppi Buetti – !!

A break for Lunch and a casual chat and wine – my only regret that I didn’t capture the gorgeous salads and fruit organised by ‘Chef’ Jeremy – we were very spoilt! Andy the local mascot kept us company – watching in hope …..🤨!!

Back to Work – nourished and inspired!!

Workshop Samples – from my work table – Fish Lane Studios!

Vibrant daylight – greens and blues from a sunny day – colours of a sunset and cane fires in the afternoon!

prefer something softer ……? Your choice as an artist – governed by the amount of water you use 🤨!

Or more abstract ………….?

Closer details …..

and final details …… pigment ink and pen or brush ………. the Banksia absorb me …..!

Banksia Scrub – absorbs me with their primordial shapes ……….!

Thanks to all the Team @parkridgenoosa Park Ridge Noosa – creating stunning homes and Peppi Buetti – for your support!

Thanks to #neefbrushes – your Squirrel 4400 is an amazing tool in my kit – @oxladeartsupplies for pulling my order together and sharing your cardboard for our backing boards – thanks to @artspectrum for inks and a great varnish brush and also @archespaper, @moulinduroy & @fabriano1264  without these tools and support – we would still be sitting on our hands 🤨 🙃 – cheers!!

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  1. Virginia Spencer-Bower
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    Amazing day with Jeremy and Andy who organised all the beautiful coffees, lunch (to die for) and fruit platter to nibble on later in the day.
    Wyn Vogel you were SO inspirational- my first introduction to water colours and she made it so easy. Thankyou hugely for setting the scene fir future water colour experimentation.
    Virginia Spencer-Bower

    • admin
      | Reply

      Thanks so much Virginia – I think the inspiration has definitely flowed both ways – I’ve come home ready to rock and very inspired by you all – thanks – we will have to keep in touch!! Cheers!

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