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MaimeriBlu – Paint Pack Set – Ready For Workshops

Maimeri Blu artist water colours are still made by hand?

Maimeri Blu watercolour paints are one of the best water colours available in art supplies.

Inspired 80 years ago by Italian impressionist artist Gianni  Maimeri who wanted nothing more than to satisfy his own painting needs.

Maimeri Blu watercolours today are still incomparable to any other water colour paint on the market. Each of the 72 colours in the range is highly concentrated, light fast and 52 of the colours contain only single pigments bound with the highest quality gum Arabic and distilled water.

Tubes of Maimeri Blu start at $15.78 to $29.19 - depending on the series of each colour - so this little box containing 6 15ml tubes - comes ready to use at $AUD 84.00 incld GST.
Please note we deliver by secure transport, the packaging and delivery costs are estimated only on the shopping cart if you have any inquiries please contact us on our contact from on the top menu – especially if you are requiring freight overseas.
$ 90.78
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Neef 4400 – Squirrel Needle Point – Watercolour Brush

NEEF Squirrel - 4400 Watercolour Brush

A new development has been the combination of squirrel and taklon. TAKLON for point and spring, SQUIRREL for colour carrying capacity. This mix gives a superb brush for watercolour in particular at a much lower price than sable.

A great Brush for unique Watercolour effects - check out Wyn Vogel Art Gallery

$ 43.17
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Arches – 300gsm cold pressed Watercolour Paper – 56 x 76cm 4 deckle edge

100% Cotton Rag Paper

Fish Lane Studios recommends the use of 300gsm - Cotton Rag Paper for all our Workshops Even for our Kids we use a version of this paper and weight to enable the experimentation even at an early age - without the paper lifting or rippling as the water is applied. Sheets of 56 x 76cm can be broken into 1/2 sheets for some artwork - such as the sizing required for FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy each year. The Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020 is allowing both full sheets and 1/2 sheets for this year and encouraging experimental Work as well ...check out the details >>>> If you are attending a Workshop in our new Fish Lane Studios - 4 Edmondstone Street - South Brisbane you are welcome to buy here online or come to the Workshop 10 minutes earlier than the start time to pick up the materials you need! 🌞  
$ 21.86
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Art Spectrum – Soft Varnish Brush 2.5″
Extra Soft Varnish Brush. These economical brushes are made of very soft golden nylon filaments, a black aluminium ferrule and a matt black wooden handle. Ideal for the easy application of varnishes and as a general soft, wide brush for watercolours, acrylics and oils. Australian Artist and Curator of Fish Lane Studios - uses these brushes to wash her clear glowing colours across her pages - check out Wyn's Art Gallery and shopping page:

You are welcome to come and workshop with Wyn in France 4/5th May 2019 -

$ 10.40
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