Suzie Porter

Suzie Porter is a contemporary, abstract Australian artist
working in oils, cold wax, acrylic and mixed media.

Her works are an attempt to capture the emotional response to a place, relationship or moment in time, expressing her thoughts through colour, texture and mark marking.

With a lifelong obsession with art of all kinds, Suzie is always experimenting with new techniques and materials as her works evolves.

Not surprisingly, Suzie’s love of art saw her chose an artistic career and is a full time designer, running a boutique studio in Brisbane, Queensland.


Suzie’s commitment to her

Big Hello Designs – Graphic Design Studio

finds her committed many hours to this rigorous practice – so her Fine Art Works are harder to find and unique!

For those of you who can lay your hands on one of her ‘Fine Art’ works – you can rest assured you are collecting a treasure that will inspire and intrigue you forever!


Group exhibitions

  • 2010 – The Annual Art Market – Hyatt Coolum QLD
  • 2014 – Botanique, Richard Randall Gallery, Brisbane QLD
  • 2015 – Botanique, Richard Randall Gallery, Brisbane QLD
  • 2016 – Inspirations Ipswich gallery, Ipswich QLD

Shop – Suzie’s Gallery

Suzie Urban Colours II