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Gdansk Crane Over The River

Gdańsk Crane – watching over the Motława River  


Our 2nd Exhibition – for our new Fish Lane Studios Workshop/Gallery has acquired/taken the above name as the catalyst for our Work!

Sometimes‘ the Universe delivers to you many interesting and unusual experiences – mine seems to do it on a regular basis and this November is no exception – with the opportunity to meet and experience a new ‘Soul’ and showcase work for her, along with someone who is very special to me as well – Artist Suzie Porter – whom we will profile next!

Jolanta Szymczyk is the ‘New Soul’

To introduce her to you, I was inspired to write what might become a ‘not’ regular – but occasional ‘Artist Profile‘ – this will happen when I run into someone with the unique skills, that trigger me off this urge to share!! 😀

Equiped with her camera, her printing press, her eye for detail and a woman of many continents means that this capable Artist is sure to inspire and surprise for many years to come – her substrates fluctuate between her much loved Baltic Linen to Cotton/Silk – Canvas – paper and much much more!

jolanta Szymczyk

In getting to know this lady I have discovered:

  • a ‘professional’ background as a Surveyor – B.App.Sc (Surveying), PostGradDip (GIS), GradDip (PSM), MBA, FILP
  • a contemporary role – as a former President of the Australian Textile Surface Design Association (Queensland)
  • an international artist – with solo international photo exhibition back in 2003, 2006-09 and accepted into 8th and 9th International Baltic Miniature Exhibition (Poland) as well as included in Baltic Exhibition in Germany 2015 and in Grudziadz in 2016, and
  • been selected as one of the showcase artists – in the 2016 – Felt textile wearable art works published in the “World colour of felt”, Netherlands, Europe

A ‘Creative’ with a unique eye – and high energy ……… planning to take a ‘Creative Tour’ of Poland in 2017 – We will pass on your enquiries if you are interested 😀

Experience Poland

Experience Poland


This lady knows no bounds – I look forward to March 2017 – when I believe we may have a ‘Full’ Exhibition of her work!

Maybe some photography – maybe some fabric – stitched and etched!!


Jolanta Blue 013

Jolanta Etched and Stitched_Black

In between times – a special project is underway in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane –


Since last October Hymba Yumba Community Hub offers students “Stepping Stones – An introduction to Textiles” program, an innovative and unique introduction to textile medium.

The program exposes students to new skills and abilities in textiles and creative industries related to textiles and fibre arts.
The program has been delivered once a week to Grade 8-10 students. The program exposes students to various textile and printing techniques as well as skills and design approaches applicable in a contemporary design practice.

To date, the new skills are positioning students for success and build their own confidence in their work, interpretation and abilities to respond to the ever-changing environment, increasing their employability and professional flexibility in the future.

The essence of the Stepping Stones program is as exploration of textile medium and its applications for contemporary and sustainable living. The programme enhances students’ creative and life learning skills by giving them an opportunity to experience the whole process – from design to execution and finally – market’s presence.

The program is strongly connected to the local flora and local plants’ diversity. At the same time the students expand their knowledge and appreciation of the local area, their roots and the connection to the local community and environment.
In addition, the program links to the richness of the cultural heritage, symbolism and students’ own stories as a key source of inspiration, community dialogue and partnership.

Finally, the program gives the students and the school’s community new set of skills, inspiration and aspiration for a better, prosperous future.

The program not only emphasise creative and technical abilities but also life-long learning skills, necessary for sustainable employment, growth and advancement. It will enhance ability to observe, analyse, master technical skills, understanding of local environment as a source of creative inspiration as well as highlights respect for the land and its people, culture and rituals.


Our hats are off to you Jolanta – we can’t wait to see – touch and feel

– your gorgeous unique, one-off art cloth, artwear or wearables –
solely using 100% natural fibres – pure Australian wool/merino, silks and linen.



Or Collaboration with us on some new – ‘Botanicals’ on paper!

In the Short Term –
Shop Jolanta’s Gallery on our Fish Lane Studios Online Shop

Jolants’s Recent Bio





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